New in: Catrice Spring/ Summer 2017

It seems Catrice rolls out their line update earlier and earlier, as I already spotted all of their new products at my local drugstore last Thursday. Their spring/ summer line change seems to be the biggest one every year and boy did they come up with some cool new products to try out. There are some new eyeshadow palettes, new ombre lipsticks, a new foundation and much, much more. I got my hands on everything I deemed interesting to try and in today’s video I am showing you all of it, including swatches!

New in: Catrice Spring/ Summer 2017 make up products

New in: Catrice Spring/ Summer 2017 make up products

Not mentioned in the video are the prices of these products. That’s because the drugstore doesn’t make it easy to keep track of which price corresponds with which product. The foundation was the most expensive product at €6.99. The cheapest products were the lip liners at €2.59 each. In short, all of these products are still super affordable.

In this video I will go over my first impressions of these make up items. I have only been able to test out these products for 2 days, so I haven’t tried everything yet. What I have tried I will say a little bit about about what I think so far and I did swatch everything, which means I can already gauge whether I might light something or not. Reviews of these products will be rolled out not starting this week, but definitely the week after. Let me know in a comment below which product you’d like me to review first.

List of products mentioned:

  • Catrice 24 H Made To Stay Waterproof foundation 005 Ivory Beige
  • Catrice Prime & Fine Make up Transforming Drops Lightening
  • Catrice Light & Shadow Contouring Blush 020 A Flamingo in Santo Domingo
  • Catrice Highlighting Powder 015 Merry Cherry Blossom
  • Catrice Soft Blossoms Floral Scented 03 Flower BerryBouquet
  • Catrice Slim’Matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil Waterproof Light
  • Catrice 18 Hr Colour & Contour Eye Pencil 030 Stella McBrownie
  • Catrice Metallic Liquid Liner 010 Bronze Lee
  • Catrice Liquid Metal Long Lasting Cream Shadows 010 California Creamin’
  • Catrice The Essential Nude Collection 010 Re-Nude My Style
  • Catrice The Precious Copper Collection 010 Metallux
  • Catrice Multitalent Lip Scrub & Balm 010 A Lot of Apricot
  • Catrice Lip Foundation pencil 020 Caramel Blonde to Go
  • Catrice Velvet Matt lip pencil 010 From Rags to Roses
  • Catrice Velvet Matt lip pencil 090 Mauve me Tender
  • Catrice Lip Dresser Shine Stylo 050 I Carried a Watermelon
  • Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liner Ultra Long Lasting 050 Don’t Copy my Poppy
  • Catrice Aqua Ink in Gloss Lipstain 040 Let’s Mauve to the Beach
  • Catrice Lip Cushion lipgloss 040 Absolute Razz’Berry
  • Catrice Lip Cushion lipgloss 010 Rather Be at Coachella
  • Catrice Ombre Two Tone lipstick 030 Grapedation Nude
  • Catrice Ombre Two Tone lipstick 020 Nude York City Style

Which product would you like me to review first?

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  1. Wow, you pretty much bought the whole collection! 😮 The Light & Shadow Contouring Blush looks lovely! So jealous we don’t have Catrice here.

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