Brand Bites | Urban Decay

For this month’s make up collection overview, I decided to show you all of the items by Urban Decay. I have gauged what other brands I could still show you after this one and there are one or two more. After that I will record a full make up collection and then? Then it will be time for a massive declutter. But that’s all in the future. Let’s focus on the here and now and dive into my Urban Decay stash.

brand bites Urban Decay

Brand Bites | Urban Decay

Urban Decay is one of my favorite make up brands. Which is why I was super excited to do this video. My love affair with Urban Decay goes way back. I remember purchasing items from the brand as long as I have been loving make up. I still remember the first Naked palette being launched and the mayhem that caused. If there is one brand that truly represents my make up obsession, it would be Urban Decay.

Despite that obsession I don’t have too much by the brand. For a long time Urban Decay was difficult to get a hold of and it also isn’t the cheapest of brands. So I tend to buy a few bits here and there a few times a year but that’s it. My favorite Urban Decay item has to be their eyeshadows, but I also love their lipsticks. Scroll down below the video to see a full list of items with clickable links to reviews.

Products mentioned:

What is your favorite Urban Decay product?

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  1. I’m not a big UD fan but I dabble in their products. I still do not own any of their Naked palettes! 😛 My favourite products from them are probably their Revolution lipstick and single eye shadows.

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