Drugstore make up I would repurchase

I love my high end finds, but there is nothing more satisfying than finding that budget drugstore product you love. That is one reason why I love to try drugstore make up. It is affordable so if it doesn’t work than it wouldn’t have cost you that much money. If it does work, however, you will have found a drugstore gem. I have quite a few of those and I’m thinking of maybe turning this into a series? Let me know what I should do! For now, though, let’s look at my 5 drugstore make up products I would definitely repurchase.

drugstore make up I would repurchase

5 drugstore products I would repurchase

W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow bronzer & highlight – The product that possibly stands out most is the Hollywood Bronze & Glow by W7. I was obsessed with this product last winter. The highlight not so much, but that bronzer! Wow! If you’re fair skinned and are looking for an affordable shimmery bronzer to bronze up your face and give it a bit more warmth, then this is for you. Not only does it blend well, it also has the exact tone to look natural and pretty. And don’t be scared when I say shimmer: this product does not turn you into a ball of glitter, but rather it makes for a soft glowy look that works for every occasion.

ELF Mineral Blush Rich Rose blush – This blush is a more recent discovery. I ordered some ELF products at the beginning of summer 2016 and this blush became a staple quickly after that order. I used this for weeks on end. It is easy to pack as it is small and what I love about this blush is how natural it looks. While I love a well-pigmented product, this one is very subtle, which for this blush works wonders. Because this is a mineral product it looked ever so glowy on the skin and in summer I am all about that. At first I thought the brown would be too overpowering, but the reddish pink veining is just enough to stop this from looking muddy.

Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder matt translucent powder – One of my all time favorite face powders and the only loose powder I have ever tried. I prefer my powders pressed as it less messy, but this powder is great if you are into ‘baking’ your face. I’ve never been tremendously into it, but a Sephora MUA showed me how you can do it in a more subtle way and I loved that look. It is an especially handy technique in summer when your make up tends to slide right off. With this allowing some time to settle onto the skin and soak up all excess oils, your face make up will look flawless the longest despite the heat and humidity. I’ve nearly used this up and will be sure to repurchase a new one.

Kiko Long Lasting stick shadow eyeshadow stick – A product that needs so much more love on this blog is the Kiko eyeshadow stick. Best. Cream. Eyeshadow. Ever. Hands down. I have quite a few of these by now and I have yet to review these. They are buttery smooth have a good closing system so they don’t dry out so quickly as the potted cream shadows I’ve tried and they come in pretty much every color of the rainbow. Additionally, these also set themselves into place and simply won’t budge once you’ve applied and blended them. These beat the NYX Jumbo Pencils and Maybelline Color Tattoos by miles and nobody talks about them.

Milani Matte Darling lipstick – When it comes to drugstore lipsticks I’ve tried many, but mostly I always revert back to my higher end lipsticks. They simply have more lasting power and better finishes most of the time. But then Milani released these. They are matte, yet creamy and these do not feel heavy or drying at all. There is a good array of shades (can you say bright orange and black anyone?) and this stays put for quite some hours. When it comes to drugstore lipsticks, it hardly gets better than this.

What drugstore products would you repurchase?

13 responses to “Drugstore make up I would repurchase”

  1. De eyeshadow stick van Kiko! Jay die is echt super fijn. ik heb er 3 en ik wil ze allemaal! Ben benieuwd naar jouw reviews en welke kleuren je allemaal hebt!

  2. Jaaa, Kiko’s eyeshadow stick! Ik heb gisteren nog smoorverliefd nummer 03 geswatcht van de nieuwe collectie (Metallic Rosy Copper) – prachtig!

  3. Need to get me that Catrice Loose Powder! Like in 3 months, after no buy is done… 😀 I hope I can find my other Loose Powder from Essence or I’ll have to break my no buy, haha. Xoxo Sarah

  4. Wow that W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow bronzer & highlight is a blatant knock off of Charlotte Tilbury – how amazing! I’m using the W7 HD foundation right now and it’s SO good. I’d repurchase it in a heartbeat if I can find it here again.
    I love hearing about people’s repurchases – with all of the new launches and selection out there for us beauty addicts, a repurchase speaks volumes!

    • Yup! And yes W7 is one of those brands that are best known for their knock offs. It’s the only reason why I haven’t purchased the real thing yet.

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