The printed top haul

Me one sunny Easter weekend: let’s see if I can find a great white tee as I decluttered mine. And then this happened. Whoopsie! But there are so many great t-shirts and tops out there right now! I also decluttered lots of my tops and t-shirts as I find they typically last 1 or 2 years before they become old and tatty looking. Which is why I felt my wardrobe could use a bit of sprucing up and since fashion is all about great tops at the moment, I decided it was better to go big or go home.

the printed top graphic tee haul fashion shopping clothes trend

The (almost) printed top haul

There are only two tops here that do not have a print of some kind. Some are graphic tees, some are simply printed and I also tried to incorporate some ruffles and color. This is quite possibly the most trend led haul I’ve ever posted on this blog. There was just so much I liked: from the white top with the red print, to the small print on the chest. I didn’t own anything like any of this yet and I love a good t-shirt to begin with. Here it goes!

H&M ruffled floral blouse

H&M floral ruffle blouse haul

The minute I saw this I fell in love. The print is colorful, but not too in your face and the ruffle detail on the shoulder goes nicely with the rest of the blouse. It is made of cotton which makes it breathable and easy to wear. But the main reason I bought this is the print: I love the wildflower print. If floral isn’t your thing: this blouse also comes in gingham, stripes and polka dots.

H&M hot air balloon blouse

H&M hot air balloon print blouse pink haul

Another blouse that I thought was cute was this pink number. Pink is still one of my favorite colors to shop for this spring and I thought the hot air balloons made this blouse cute but not overly so. The cut was surprisingly flattering and the material is very lightweight and floaty.

H&M navy blouse

navy blue blouse H&M haul

I’ve been looking for a ‘pyjama style’ blouse for some time, but I can’t seem to find the right one. This silky looking number is probably as close as I’ll get. The material is very soft and super comfortable. I didn’t want to take this off, the minute I put it on.

H&M grey graphic t-shirt

H&M Grey graphic t-shirt haul

You could call me a sucker for grey t-shirts. If there is one thing I have plenty of it’s grey t-shirts. In fact, I decluttered some because I had too many. None of them with prints on it though. And if you could only feel the fabric on this: so so soft.

H&M when life gives you lemons slogan tee

H&M grey lemon t-shirt haul

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade! is what this t-shirt says. It has a very boxy fit, which is one of my favorites. I also love the pop of yellow on the shoulder. Yellow is everywhere for summer, but it is a color I find difficult to pull off. This way, you can still rock some yellow without looking like a pasty ghost.

H&M ruffle sleeve polka dot top

H&M polka dot ruffle sleeve top haul

What I like about this one is how it can be one of those pieces that is easy to dress up or dress down. You can wear this casually with jeans, but with some slacks and loafers it becomes a lot more dressy. The sleeve detail with the draped ruffles looked surprisingly flattering on as well.

Only polka dot ruffle cold shoulder top

Only polka dot ruffle top haul

Cold shoulder? Check. Polka dots? Check. Ruffle detail? Check. If a top ticks so many boxes, what’s not to love? I was a bit umming and arring about this one. Ruffles across the chest aren’t really the best move if you have a large bust like I do. However, it was suprisingly flattering and it fit really well. A top that will be perfect when I have to do final exams later this year.

Mango bat wing ruffle sleeve striped top

Mango striped draped bat wing sleeve top haul

Stripes! You knew this would be coming. I love stripes and this cotton top is quite boxy, but because of the sleeve detail still feminine. Another one that can be worn during any occasion.

Pieces striped v-neck t-shirt

Pieces striped v-neck t-shirt haul

A good v-neck t-shirt is my favorite type of t-shirt. And there aren’t very many of them in this haul. What appealed to me about this one is the faded striped pattern. It makes the shirt look grey from a distance and the cut of this is very flattering as well. It drapes very nicely.

Only red striped t-shirt with patch

only red striped top with chest appliqué haul

Patches are everywhere as well this season, but it quickly makes for a very young look. As I got rid of so many clothes that I felt made me look young or that don’t suit my style anymore, it wasn’t a trend I had dabbled around with yet. Until I spotted this. The patch is small and subtle and not too loud. Combined with the red and white stripe, I think this shirt is one of the best buys in this haul.

H&M red printed tee

H&M red t-shirt let's meet in los angeles haul

Plain in the front, party in the back. That’s this shirt’s motto. What looks like a plain red t-shirt in the front, in fact has a text printed on the back. That is an unusual touch I can appreciate. The text says: Let’s Meet in Los Angeles.

Mango Hotdogs in New York t-shirt

mango hot dogs in new york t-shirt white red haul

White tees with red prints are everywhere right now and I love them. I just hadn’t spotted one I liked just yet. This Mango version is just perfect. Fit wise, print wise and material wise.

H&M Dream Big t-shirt

H&M dream big t-shirt haul

From zero white tees to 5! That is the theme of this haul. I had seriously gotten rid of every single white t-shirt in my wardrobe. So when I spotted this cropped boxy number, I couldn’t pass it up. I appreciate the look of a clean white t-shirt as they go with everything. I just hate how they are a nightmare to keep looking pristine.

H&M watermelon print t-shirt

H&M watermelon print t-shirt haul

This juicy watermelon print instantly caught my eye. I believe H&M also do one with a pineapple print, but since I already own a pineapple print t-shirt I figured this would be a better addition. I love the water color print. And summer = watermelon to me.

H&M Now is Now t-shirt

H&M Now is Now t-shirt haul

This was the first t-shirt I actually spotted the other day. I liked the fuzzy print and boxy fit the most. I think this may be the same style of shirt as the grey lemons t-shirt I showed you earlier. The print looks a little crooked, but that is because I failed at hanging this properly on the hanger.

H&M white t-shirt

H&M white t-shirt haul

We end this haul, the way it began. Because this little fella is the entire reason why I bought any of what you see here. All I wanted to look for is a plain white t-shirt and lo and behold: I found a plain white t-shirt. It has some interesting details that make it more flattering and it isn’t too see through. White t-shirt for the win!

What fashion item have you recently added to your wardrobe?

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  1. Oh ik ben ook zo fan van zulke tops..Vooral die van H&M met die lemons vind ik zo tof, die wil ik al even hebben. Love it!

  2. The hot air balloon and the watermelon one are so cute!
    I haven’t gone clothes shopping in ages… haven’t been inspired lately. 😛

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