Makeup collection & storage

It’s been two years since I last showed you my makeup collection.  Like that time, a lot has changed, but not the storage! I still keep my make up in pretty much the same space and I’ve definitely outgrown it. I thought I could use this video as a kick off to my decluttering series that I hope to start soon. This is not only way more makeup than I need, it also no longer fits my current storage.  photo 2017makeupcollection1_zpsqea3nldq.jpg

My 2017 Makeup Collection & Storage

Since I hope to move this year, I don’t want to move any unnecessary junk to my new place. That is why I decluttered my wardrobe already and next up is nail polish. In June I hope to start posting my first makeup declutter videos, as I figured I could take you along for the ride. In summer I hope to declutter some books, possibly CDs as well. The less baggage I have once I move, the better.

My storage is mostly Ikea. I use the Godmorgon bathroom series that I bought 2 years ago, I just shuffled things around to fit everything a bit better. I keep spare brushes and backup products in Skubb cubbies, also by Ikea. The acrylic drawer set and makeup holder are from Xenos and the only things not Ikea. To me, the Godmorgon series is my absolute favorite way to store my make up and I hope they still sell this as I hope to condense all of my make up into one space once I move.

But for now, we are dealing with this mess:

How do you store your makeup?

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  1. Your storage look organized compared to mine! Mine is inside a closet with a mishmash of drawers and bins. At least I can close the closet door to hide everything. 😳
    Moving is a great incentive to declutter! 😛

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