Jackets & blazer collection

After showing you my coat collection last year, I’d been meaning to show you my jackets and blazers as well. I may be more of a cardigan girl, but I love a good jacket as well as a statement piece in my outfit. I last showed you my blazers in 2012 (!!) and needless to say the collection has changed quite a bit. There is only one blazer left from that collection, so it’s high time I showed you an updated version. jackets & blazer collection

Jackets & blazer collection

In total I own 16 jackets & blazers. That is quite a lot, but as you will see these jackets and blazers all have their individual purpose. To me a jacket or blazer is the statement of an outfit, which is why I don’t have many that are plain or everyday. I used to, but I phased them out as I find most blazers too stuffy and restricting for daily wear. Give me a cardigan any time of day for layering: jackets are for adding that extra oomph to an outfit.

jackets & blazer collection

Japanese blazer | ZARA
Floral blazer | Only

We’re starting off with two loose fitting blazers that are very flowy. These are spring/ summer blazers that work great with neutrals and denim. The ZARA jacket is very muted and has this Japanese style print. It isn’t quite kimono like, but it does have that nightgown feel to it and a sheer panel across the shoulder. The floral jacket is about 3 sizes too big, but I love how it drapes across the shoulders.

jackets & blazer collection

Both blazers | H&M

When it comes to blazers, I have found that blazers without lapels work best for me. I own several and two neutral colors. The white is great in the summer time. There is a lace baby blue dress that I love to wear this with. The beige blazer has faux leather sleeves and no matter how much I loved this, I had to throw it out just recently as the faux leather had dried up and started to flake off while wearing.

jackets & blazer collection

Khaki blazer | Topshop
Blue blazer | HEMA

Statement doesn’t have to mean prints: I love injecting some color into an outfit through a blazer. I happen to own a pair of blue heels that are the exact shade of this blazer. So you know I love pairing those. The khaki blazer has more of a boyfriend fit and has a comfortable linen fabric which is very breathable.

jackets & blazer collection

Red blazer | Vintage
Black blazer | H&M

The red blazer has been one of my best fashion finds. I bought it for 10 pounds in a vintage shop in London and have loved it ever since. It has a wool and cashmere blend with a boxy 80s style fit. It’s very manly and I love wearing it with boyfriend jeans and brogues. The black blazer is a great piece for office wear but I also like it to dress up a more sporty look. I am still looking for a good plain black blazer though, but I have yet to find one that  I like and fits well.

jackets & blazer collection

Lace & floral jacket | Mango
Floral watercolor jacket | ZARA

My love for jackets started years ago. Back when bomber jackets weren’t even cool, I already rocked these two pieces. I have had them for years: my jacket and blazer collection is definitely one that I have cultivated over time. The first is a floral fabric with lace overlay and faux leather piping. The watercolor jacket has some stitching all over the jacket to give it an interesting texture.

jackets & blazer collection

Baseball jacket | Primark
Silver bomber | Costes

I don’t like shopping for actual clothes at Primark, but I make a happy exception for their Harry Potter range. I spotted this baseball jacket with the Hogwarts emblem last year and snatched it up straight away. It has fairly good quality and while this doesn’t get worn to work, it is a fun piece to whip out on days off. The silver bomber is very soft and a great quality piece that I love to wear to add a metallic touch to my outfit.

jackets & blazer collection

Floral bomber | ZARA
Velvet biker jacket | H&M

If I want to add some texture to my look, I love to throw on a velvet jacket. The one on the left was definitely a sale purchase and quite out there. It looks like 70s wall paper printed on a velvet jacket, but I love it with plain jeans and some boots. The biker jacket is a good one for layering when it gets really cold.

jackets & blazer collection

Velvet bomber jacket | ZARA

This jacket was one I found in Rome last year. It has quite a lot going on. It’s a bomber jacket, but also has a sporty stripe running over the shoulders. There is some more sports lux elements here too: the trimming of the jacket makes it more sportswear. But then the trimming also has a sparkly metallic copper band running through it and let’s not forget about the floral appliqué embroidered onto the back!

jackets & blazer collection

Satin bomber | ZARA

The final jacket I’d like to show you goes hand in hand with the first one as it also has a Japanese style print. This time its cherry blossoms and little birds. I love how the embroidery is not only on the front but also on the back. My favorite way to wear this is with black cigarette style trousers and a black t-shirt. A very plain outfit, but it makes the jacket the focal point.

What is your favorite jacket in my collection?

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  1. chucky1012 says:

    Lovely with the flowerprints and the colorfull ones 😉


  2. Silksache't says:

    wow what a lovely collection, you’ve got some jackets/blazers

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I know! I’ve been curating the collection for years!

  3. Immediately drawn to that olive khaki . It’s got a real androgynous vibe.

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I know! That’s why I got it and the color is perfect for fall.

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