Palettes I didn’t & won’t buy

It’s the Holiday season and that means that many makeup brands have begun churning out new makeup palettes and limited releases by the busload. I always feel a little bit overwhelmed this time of year and so I thought it would be good to not talk about which palettes are on my wishlist, but palettes I have decided, both past and present, not to get. Because even though I have a large eyeshadow palette collection, this means in no way that I blindly purchase every palette on the market. Here are 15 palettes I decided I don’t need in my life.

eyeshadow palettes I didn't buy I won't buy anti haul holiday 2017

Eyeshadow palette anti-haul | Palettes I didn’t & won’t buy

Some of these are permanent, but the vast majority of these palettes are or were limited edition. For the first 10 of these palettes I was able to get my hands on them. Either because I came across them while traveling, or could have ordered them online. Yet something, somehow, made me decide not to get any of these palettes. Be it versatility, a mindboggling shade selection or just a underwhelming array of shades: the reasons are endless. Watch the video to see my thoughts on these palettes.

Palettes mentioned:

  • Urban Decay Electric
  • Urban Decay Gwen Stefani
  • Urban Decay Moondust
  • Urban Decay Vice XX Reloaded
  • Too Faced Natural love
  • Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Kat von D Metal Matte
  • Tarte Tartiste Pro palette
  • Tarte Tartelette original palette
  • Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette
  • Kat Von D Saint & Sinner
  • Too Faced Holiday 2017
  • Urban Decay Troublemaker
  • Anastasia Subculture
  • Too Faced Clover palette

What palettes have you decided you are not going to buy?

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