2017 Fashion favorites

Apart from makeup bits, I have also loving fashion quite a bit. That is why I’ve selected 10 clothing items that were my favorites last year, or that represent a trend that I loved. Some of these items you will have seen in lookbooks, others in hauls, but these were some of the fashion pieces from my wardrobe that I loved in 2017.

2017 fashion favorites

2017 Fashion favorites

Prince of Wales check coat

2017 fashion favorites

This fall, the Prince of Wales check was to be found everywhere. I snatched up this coat by Only at the beginning of the season and just recently started wearing it as it was finally cold enough. This coat only has 10% wool, but I have found it to be very snuggly indeed. I wore it in this lookbook video.

Broderie Anglaise

2017 fashion favorites

This is a trend I hope will not go away. One of my favorite trends for summer is a white cotton shirt/ dress/ skirt in broderie anglaise. I own a few pieces and since they can be quite pricey, I add on one or two each year. I got this dress at the tail end of the H&M summer sale and I thus not yet been able to wear it. It is a stunning dress though and I wore it in the same video as the coat.


2017 fashion favorites

Dusty rose and rosy pinks aren’t just my favorite blush shades, I’ve recently also been loving wearing it in clothing. So much in fact, that I did a dedicated haul + lookbook on it in early 2017, which you can find here. This cardigan is not featured in that, but it was featured here and it’s been a great addition to my wardrobe as I wore this tons.

Bootcut jeans

2017 fashion favorites

2017 is the year the skinny jeans died. Well not really, because I am still wearing and loving mine, but jeans have definitely moved into straight leg territory. So you can imagine how happy I was when I lost enough weight to fit into my old, but still going strong, Levi’s 501s. This is quite possibly the penultimate bootcut jeans and I am glad to have a pair.

Knit sweaters

2017 fashion favorites

Another trend that I loved for 2017 were knitted sweaters in bold colors with billowy sleeves. This orange sweater by H&M is a great example. It is a cotton blend and therefore not super warm, but still warm enough for the mild weather we’ve been having here. I love the sleeve detail and the color just makes me happy. I also spotted it on sale at my local H&M the other day, so if you like the looks of this one, then check out yours to see if you can find this at half off.


2017 fashion favorites

I try not to focus too much on fall/ winter trends, although I love fall/ winter fashion more than anything else. But for spring/ summer 2017, I was completely into gingham print. I did a complete lookbook on it last summer and it featured in my summer sale haul as well.


2017 fashion favorites

Velvet & chenille fabrics are perhaps some of the coziest, warmest fabric to wear. So I’ve been loving myself a bit of velvet and I have for quite some time. I ended up doing a dedicated blog post on it, featuring some of my favorite velvet items. Click here to see that blog post.


2017 fashion favorites

Apart from pink, red was THE color of 2017. I bought quite a few items in that shade from a scarf and hat to this bright colored shirt. I am still lusting after a pair of red pants, but I just haven’t been able to find anything that suits me just yet. Since red is my favorite color, I am hoping it’s a trend that won’t go away just yet.

Chelsea boots

2017 fashion favorites

Not a trend per se, but definitely a good staple to own is a pair of black Chelsea boots, which is probably why I have 3 pairs that are all different. This is one of my latest purchases and I absolutely love them. They fit like a glove and I featured them in my last favorites video.


2017 fashion favorites

We’re ending this blog post on a summery note, because my favorite pair of summer shoes must have been these espadrilles. I bought these to celebrate closing on my mortgage for my home and so they aren’t just super cute, but they also have that fond memory attached to it. They definitely needed a bit of breaking in, but they ended up being one of my best finds of 2017.

What are you 2017 fashion favorites?

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  1. Totally crushing on those leopard print espadrilles!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      They are cool aren’t they?

  2. caroomakeup says:

    Knitted sweaters and velvet is just an unsaid rule for winter lol! I love wearing knitted sweaters/cardigans during winter, and I’m loving those Chelsea boots! Great post xx

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Hear, hear! My picks exactly.

  3. Those slides are everything! I’m ready for spring so I can start rocking them again! Lovely post!
    Xo Lauren

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I am lusting after spring too. I want sunshine!

  4. chucky1012 says:

    Beautifull fashionitems etc. πŸ˜‰

  5. I really love the plaid jacket πŸ˜€


    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thank you!

  6. Misha Bagga says:

    Love your collection πŸ™‚ I too am fond of wearing bold and bright colours during winters.

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I love jewel tones this time of year! But lately I’ve been digging earthy tones like browns and olive greens.

  7. chloeburford says:

    Your jacket is gorgeous!! xx

  8. iamtinu says:

    I love your post😘😘.. And I love your jacket.. You’re a great writerπŸ’―

    Please check out my new post it’s also on fashion.. https://tinutrends.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/11-ways-wearing-glasses-can-spice-up-your-dressing/

  9. droidazam says:

    Reblogged this on Stylish Universal.

  10. ninasee says:

    I love your leopard shoes, I would wear them so much where I am now! x

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I love leopard print! It is surprisingly easy to wear.

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