Winter nail polishes

Now that I am back in my nail polish game, I am enjoying going through my nail polish collection looking for my favorite shades. Now that it truly is winter, I like going for darker, deeper shades. And I figured it would be fun to share my favorite winter nail polish shades with you.  winter nail polishes

Winter nail polishes

There are many deep shades that look stunning, but the catch is that they need to be just right to show up on your nail. I have tried many different deep shades, but often they look like a straight up black on the nail. These 6 polishes are dark, but not so dark that they do not show up on the nail. These show up true to color, while giving that perfect dark shade for the winter time.

OPI Every Month is October Fest – This deep burgundy shade is one that looks different in different lighting. The base is a deep red, almost black. When the light hits it a deep coppery hue becomes visible. In certain lights, it looks like fall colors, pine cones and Christmas.

OPI We The Female – A deep red cream polish, this was part of the limited edition Keri Washington collection. That collection was filled with stunning deep shades. Some I love to wear in the fall time, but this is great for the winter time. This pairs well with many deeper red lipstick shade without being too matchy. A perfect winter look.

Essie Haute Tub – Quite possibly the darkest shade that does look quite black at first sight, is Essie’s Haute Tub. Haute Tub is a very special shade and was also part of a limited edition collection. It has a deep purple base and green shift with red glitter. Sounds like a lot going on? It only shows up in certain lights.

Essie After School Boy Blazer – After School Boy Blazer is the perfect midnight blue. I lover wearing this in the winter time, topped with gold or silver glitters. It is a perfect shade to make glitters stand out more and winter time is THE time to wear a glitter polish. So again, a perfect winter nail polish shade.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Black Cherry – Don’t be fooled by the name: Black Cherry is more of a plum than a dark red. It pulls very purple, just like a black cherry really. It is deep, it is dark and it is another great shade for pairing with glitters. It is also a shade that goes with nearly everything. A good all-rounder.

China Glaze Holly-Day – Last but not least, I have a dark green for you. It took me ages to find the perfect cream dark green nail polish. Void of shimmer and shine, this polish is the perfect deep, forest green shade. It is not too dark, not too green: it is the perfect in-between.

What nail polish do you love wearing in the winter time?

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  1. I have Essie Haute Tub but have yet to wear it – it’s so pretty in the bottle but I fear it will just look black.
    I’m actually wearing white nail polish right now – I like the crispness of white in the winter months too.

    • I hardly ever wear a true white. I have one by Essie Go With the Flowy I believe it’s called, which is a white with a hint of grey and miniscule silver sparkle. That is about as light as I will go. A true white looks too much like corrector fluid.

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