Catrice The Blazing Bronze eyeshadow palette

I have tried many different Catrice palettes and every time they do one that interests me, I tend to give it a try. My favorite one has to be the The Modern Matt palette, but more recently Catrice released The Blazing Bronze palette. It provides a mixture of neutrals and berries and while this may not be the most exciting palette on the planet, I am still curious to see how it will perform.  catrice the blazing bronze eyeshadow palette review swatch

Catrice The Blazing Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

The main reason why I think these little Catrice palettes are quite attractive is the price point. These retail for just €4.99 and it is one of the very few products that Catrice hasn’t upped in price over the years. Everything has become more expensive, from nail polish to foundation, but their eyeshadow palettes have consistently been just under the €5 mark. And that is why I like these so much, because I mostly find that for the price point, these are pretty good palettes.

The Palette

catrice the blazing bronze eyeshadow palette review swatch

The packaging of these palettes are always quite simplistic. Just a plastic compact without much space for fuss. All of the palette is taken up by eyeshadow and the palette contains 10 grams of product. That means that you get just over a gram of product in each pan as there are 9 different shades. The only downside? There is not a single matte. Every single shade has a certain amount of shimmer, some more than others.

What I do like about this palette is the shade range. It is a warm toned palette that very cleverly works in quite a few of the current trends. I think this shade selection is great for people who want to try the purple/ plum/ berry shadow trend without going overboard. The shades also work very well together even though in the pans this looks a little bit underwhelming.

The Swatch

catrice the blazing bronze eyeshadow palette review swatch

Here you can see all the shades swatched. As you can see each one of these shades has a bit of shimmer to it but despite that all of these shades have great pigmentation. Even the plums go on quite easily, but those warm browns do last a bit longer when you swatch them on your arm. I like how there is a good range of depth between all the different shades, which means it is easy to create a look with these. Lasting power of the eyeshadows is good as well, but during the course of the day, I do feel they become a little less intense and they fade. They do not really crease, but I do feel they are less vibrant as the day wears on.

The Application

catrice the blazing bronze eyeshadow palette review swatch

Whenever I review these palettes, I always try to use all the shades. That is what I have tried to do here as well. I think these shades look very pretty on the lid. Some of the darker shades take some building up as they tend to blend away quite easily. However, the result is one that is very blown out and soft and that gives a very pretty, daily look. The purples are bright enough to add a pop of color, but are not so intense that they are scary to use. I think that the way I used them here, on the lower lash line is one of the best ways to use it. But you could easily use just the purples to create a full look as well.

The Conclusion

catrice the blazing bronze eyeshadow palette review swatch

If you like natural, soft eye looks, then this Catrice The Blazed Bronze eyeshadow palette is a perfect one for you. It is very pretty, may take a bit of extra work, but is so affordable that it really doesn’t matter. The shade selection is on point and it is a nice palette to work with. If you are looking for a drugstore eyeshadow palette that is perfect for every day, then this is a good one to try.

What do you think of The Blazing Bronze eyeshadow palette?

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