Black Friday Haul

black friday haul

Finally I am posting my Black Friday Haul! And still not everything has arrived just yet. I am still waiting on one order to come in from the US, but the Dutch postal services became overwhelmed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday packages and they can’t keep up. So that package is currently still sitting in customs and should find its way to me during the next couple of days. For now, I figured I could show you everything I got.

Black Friday Haul

I know this haul is insane! But I had not really been shopping much makeup the past few months, precisely because I knew I’d wanted to wait for the Black Friday sales. I got some good deals as most places had 25% off. I stuck to my wishlist as well and was able to get a little bit more than I had anticipated as I found out that there were even some deals going on in The Netherlands. These are all product that I knew I wanted to get anyway, but if you can get them at a discount, it is always better than paying full price. Right, let’s get on with the video!

In the video, I am referring back to the 12 giveaways before Christmas bloghop giveaway that I am hosting together with 11 other bloggers. Our giveaways are still open till the 24th of December. You can find my giveaway post by clicking this link.

I hope you enjoyed the video and wish you a great Sunday!

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