Colourpop Single Eyeshadows // Pt. 2

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

Yes part 2 and this is late because I went to a concert last night and in the end just couldn’t be bothered to finish this blog post to go live at its usual time. That said, though, I still wanted to get something up today so I am writing this as I am having breakfast. I of course couldn’t withhold you from the beauty of these Colourpop shadows any longer. I already build a palette with some Colourpop singles last year, loved them and bought some more. I had a good play around with these over my summer break and today I am reviewing part 2 of my Colourpop single eyeshadows and show you 4 makeup looks I created using them.

Colourpop Single Eyeshadow Palette // Review, Swatches, Makeup Looks

So I already got my hands on these last winter. Colourpop was doing a sale on their BYOP (Build Your Own Palette) and a palette + shadows was only $44. That is affordable! Even by Colourpop standards. I believe they have upped the price since then, but it is still affordable enough to make it interesting. If you buy these not on sale, then you will definitely pay at least double. You can of course also buy these singles a few at the time (and not 24 in one go like I did). The single pans retail for $5 each no matter the shade.

The Palette

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

This was my first time trying a Colourpop empty palette. My first batch went into a Z-palette that I still had lying about from when I depotted a bunch of shadows but which I no longer used. The palette came with the deal, but I do have to say that I really like it. Unlike the Z-palette, the Colourpop singles fit perfectly into this palette and I like how all 24 line up inside them very neatly. The palette is made of a cardboard that is sturdy enough. There is no mirror or window, but if you were to get multiple palettes you will still be able to tell them apart as Colourpop changes the design on them regularly. The palette is for sale as a separate purchase as well and retails for $10.

The Eyeshadow

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

The main reason for my purchase was the fact that Colourpop launched a bunch of new shades. I had just posted my full reviews and looks with my first batch of shadows and had decided I loved them enough to get some more if they did a sale. And they did! I did buy a few shades that were already around as not all the new shades really interested me. I got 14 shimmers of varying degrees and 10 mattes. When making your selection of Colourpop singles, definitely look for swatches online as some of these can look different on their website but then don’t in real life. This was an issue I had with my first order, so I tried to be a bit more careful now.

The Shade Selection

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

I personally love the way this came together. There are some neutral shimmers on the left, then we move into warm tones with some pinks, oranges and berries. That then blends into purples and plums, with some blues, teals and greens to round off the palette. I think this is very pleasing to the eye. I have mixed up my singles since playing around with these though, as I think I will get more use out of all of my singles if similar colors are kept together. Watch me reorganize my two palettes in this short and sweet video.

So what’s in this palette? Let’s go column by column, so from left to right, and then each column is going down vertically.

  • Column 1: On a Whimsy, Mr. Sandman, Earthshine, Misty
  • Column 2: Ready or Yacht, Heavy Glam, Bratty, Take Flight
  • Column 3: Making Moves, Sandbar, Hop On, Cute Alert
  • Column 4: Neutrino, Try Me, Paradiso, Sleeper
  • Column 5: Beam Me Up, Heavenly, Quantum Sleep, Anti Matter
  • Column 6: Sideline, Superzoom, Conjour Up, Wishful Winking

The Swatches

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

Can you say pigmentation on point? Woah! These shades all look stunning. Where in my first batch of Colourpop shadows I felt there were a few lackluster shades that didn’t pack a punch these all swatch beautifully. They all blend beautifully too, go on easily, stay put all day (over a primer) and stay looking vibrant and intense. As with my first palette I feel there are a few shades that are surprising in a good way and a few that are a bit disappointing.

The good ones that were an unexpected and nearly instant favorite are: On a Whimsy, Wishful Winking and Anti Matter. The matte warm tones went on surprisingly great as well. I also am enjoying the first four column of shimmers. Those shades a perfect as toppers or finishing off a look and add some texture and interest. The shades that I felt were a bit meh were a few of the warm toned shimmers that just went on quite sheer once applied with a brush. Some of the shades that were described as teals on the website (Superzoom and Conjour Up!) ended up looking mostly green on me.

The Makeup Looks

As is my custom when I am reviewing eyeshadow, I like to include several looks. I created 4 looks that I would like to share with you in this review. Between these 4 looks all 24 shadows have been used. I tried to stick to themes. So there is a purple/ berry look, a sunset eye using the warm tones, a green/ teal look and a blue/ silver look. Let’s have a closer look.

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

Look 1: Purples & Berries

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

I love how this look immediately packs a punch. I used all of the purples to create this as well as that bright pink Sandbar and Cute Alert to deepen things up. I topped the look off with a bit of Earthshine to create that nice sheen all over the lid. Mr. Sandman is that stunning pinky shade in the inner corners. For me personally, a Colourpop shimmer isn’t shimmery enough to really pack a punch. To me, they are more like a satin, so I like going in with a more intense shimmery topper to create some contrast on the lid.

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

Look 2: warm toned sunset eyes

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

I knew when I was swatching these that the warm tones would combine lovely into a warm sunset eye look. I used the oranges and corals to create a very warm toned crease. The matte yellow Take a Flight is in my inner corner. I used Heavy Glam and Ready or Yacht layered over one another to create the effect on the lid. I used Quantum Sleep with a dense smudger brush on the lower lash line for that bright pop of blue reminiscent of the ocean.

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

Look 3: Greens & Teals

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

The third look I did with this palette has to be my favorite. I think it complements my skin tone most. I used Superzoom on the lower lashline and Conjour Up in the crease. As you can see these are not teal on my complexion at all but look more like forest greens. I then created a bit of a halo by applying Wishful Winking to the inner and outer parts of my lids. I dabbed a bit of sideline in the middle. To finish it off I placed Heavenly in the inner corners. This makes for such a great look for fall. It pairs well with an orange brown lip like I am wearing here.

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

Look 4: Silvers & Blues

colourpop single eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup looks

For my last and final look I had plenty of shades left over to create a look. I went in with Anti Matter to create some depth, but decided to use Quantum Sleep in my crease. Yes it’s a shimmer, but as long as your lid is more shimmery and shiny, then you really won’t be able to tell. On A Whimsy is one of the brightest, most impactful silvers I have ever seen and I knew it would look great as a half cut crease as it would create a nice contrast with the deep blues. I used Misty on my lower lash line and Beam Me Up in the inner corner to keep the focus on that half cut crease.

The Conclusion

Yes! My second batch of Colourpop single eyeshadows is an even create success than my first one! This has some stunning shades and I know I will reach for these as these shades are exactly what I am digging at the moment. If you have been pondering to buy some single shadows, but don’t know where to start, then Colourpop may be your safest bet. They are affordable and even if you’re in Europe and have to pay for shipping and customs it is still quite reasonably priced. Especially for the quality that you get, this is an investment that is worth it.

Have you tried any Colourpop singles?

13 responses to “Colourpop Single Eyeshadows // Pt. 2”

  1. Hope you had a lovely time at the concert. Personally I don’t mind if your posts go up “late” as I’m not up that early in the morning, especially not during weekends.
    Love the BYOP from Colourpop, but really need to keep track of what I already have bought as I tend to go for the same shades. Liked the greens and teals look the most.

  2. Thanks for these swatches! The green eye look is my favourite on you as well. But holy crap, that On A Whimsy silver shade packs a PUNCH! 😮

    I just received my very first order of ColourPop! I’d tried some of their Supershock and pressed shadows in giveaways and gifts but never chose my own shades so I was super excited to pick some shades that I’d heard so much about. I ordered pressed eye shadows only:
    • Glass Bull
    • Snake Eyes
    • Tea Garden
    • Mr Sandman
    • Come and Get it
    • High Strung
    • Misty
    • Rosé All Day
    And 2 palettes:
    • I Think I Love You Palette
    • Give It To Me Straight Palette

    So far I’ve tried the infamous Glass Bull and I love it! <3 Today I wore some shades from the "I Think I Love You Palette" and it turned out great. Something about the ColourPop pressed eye shadow formula works really well on me – no creasing or fading unlike some HIGH END shadows do! My ordering experience from Canada was excellent – no duty or delays – took 6 business days to arrive. It might be the start of a dangerous habit… I have my eye on Earthshine, Thank you Next, Wishful Winking, Paper Tiger, 143, and now maybe that silver colour On a Whimsy!

  3. I purchased my first colourpop singles this year as well as one of their monochrome palettes I think they are great for the price. Earthshine and Mr. Sandman are both beautiful shades I have them in the its my pleasure palette. I choose a range of shades for my singles like you, i do feel like they have some very similar shades in their range though and i agree that swatches aren’t always accurate but I guess that can be expected because photos don’t always look accurate to in real life.

    I loved all the looks your created they all look beautiful.

      • Fair enough, best time is to purchase during a sale. Well the purple one is good. I haven’t got it but that green one was tempting for me, maybe if i make a purchase from colourpop in the future i might be tempted to add it to my cart.

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