Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions

huda beauty amethyst obsessions review swatch eyeshadow palette look

Perhaps you are familiar with some of my new eyeshadow palette release videos and then you may know that I am not a fan of super big eyeshadow palettes. So you can imagine that the little 9 pan Obsessions palettes by Huda Beauty are totally up my street. I already reviewed two that I own: Emerald Obsessions and Electric Obsessions and I loved both. Will the purple toned Amethyst Obsessions version be as great?

Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions eyeshadow palette // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

For a 9 pan palette these are quite pricey: at €30 a pop on the French Sephora website, these are quite out there. A Colourpop 9-pan palette with a very similar color scheme retails for $12, so this is twice that price point. That said, It is affordable for Huda Beauty. Her larger palettes easily retail for over €60 a piece and in these little palettes you do get the same amount of product per pan. So for half the price you truly get half the palette, which still makes it a good deal in my opinion, especially if you can snatch these up during a sale.

The Packaging

huda beauty amethyst obsessions review swatch eyeshadow palette look

What appeals to me most about these little Obsessions palettes is their size. They are incredibly handy to hold, carry, store and use. The are exactly the right size for everyday use, but they also travel well as the cardboard packaging of these still nicely protects the palette. They stack well, the names are on the top of the palette, so you’ll always know what you are grabbing for and the colorful ones come in the shades that are inside. You even get a mirror: what’s not to love?

The Palette

huda beauty amethyst obsessions review swatch eyeshadow palette look

Upon first glance, the purple Amethyst Obsession palette isn’t all that purple. You only get one true purple in this palette. Everything else in here are variations on plums and more cool toned mauves. Pretty, but maybe not what you had expected when you had a look at the outside of this palette. There are only three mattes and 6 shimmers. The shimmers vary in intensity with three more true shimmer textures and three more metallic/ foiled shades.

The Shades

huda beauty amethyst obsessions review swatch eyeshadow palette look

Even though there is only one true purple in this palette, I am not upset with that. I can still create a very pretty look with this. That doesn’t mean that this palette doesn’t have its downsides. While the quality of these shadows is stunning, I feel that the two mattes in the top right and bottom left corner are too similar. If one of those would have been swopped out with a matte royal purple that lays between the darkest matte plum and the shimmering purple, I think this palette would have offered even more than it already does.

The Swatch

huda beauty amethyst obsessions review swatch eyeshadow palette look

Remember what I said about this not being super purple? When you swatch these on a light skin, then some of the shades definitely have a cooler, more purples undertone. On darker skin tones this may be lost a bit. That said, the quality of these is really nice. Only the matte in the top right corner is a bit tough to swatch, but on the eye it still goes on nicely. All of these shades blend well, they build up easily and the shimmers in this palette are truly astounding. Each one of the shimmers has a flip or other aspect to it that makes it more interesting, while the mattes are a couple of solid shades that offer a good base.

The Look

huda beauty amethyst obsessions review swatch eyeshadow palette look

Since I think the shade selection is a bit lacking, I feel this isn’t the most versatile of eyeshadow palettes. I feel you can do two or three distinct looks with this, but no more. For this look I have used every single shade in the palette. The mattes diffuse so easily into a good gradient. The bright pop of purple is stunning on the lid and the shimmers add a dimension that is absolutely stunning. For a palette that features just 9 shades, I think this is pretty impressive. You definitely have the option for a more everyday look, a more fun look and a more night time look.

My Final Thoughts

huda beauty amethyst obsessions review swatch eyeshadow palette look

The Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions eyeshadow palette is one that has great quality, blendability and pigmentation. Where I feel this is lacking mostly is the shade selection. For a purple palette, I feel there should have been more true purples in this palette. That said, the stunning shimmers in this palette simply make up for that fact and that’s why I still enjoy pulling this in if I am feeling for a more purple look. I also own a few purple singles by now which means I can easily pull those in if I want to take this palette in a different direction. Not the palette to get if you are looking for a true purple palette, but definitely one if you are looking to play around with purples and don’t know where to start.

What do you think of the Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions palette?

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