New Makeup Releases // June 2020

I felt ready to talk about some new makeup products again. After a few months of not feeling like talking about new makeup products, I felt it was time. I gathered a long list of things to talk about and since it’s products that have been coming out since March, I already picked up a few bits along the way. So let’s find out what’s new and whether I want to get it or not.

New Makeup Releases // June 2020

What new makeup releases are you excited for?

3 responses to “New Makeup Releases // June 2020”

  1. I was excited for UD Naked Ultra Violet, but like you said, I don’t know why the colors on the left half of the palette are warm. It would have been much better to have cool colors like grays and silvers to go with the purples on the right half. But maybe there will be some pretty looks out of it, at any rate, I’m curious!

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