Jouer Blush Bouquet blush duo review

I am finally reviewing this for you! I have been putting the Jouer Blush Bouquet blush duo in my monthly shop my stash on and off ever since I got it, but I just never planned it in to review. This is a product that got a lot of hype late 2019 and right at that time I was in New York. So when I spotted one of these blushes as a mini, I knew it would be something I could try. I just couldn’t pick from the shades they have on offer and since there is only one mini, they made the decision for me. Are these as good as everyone says they are?

Review: Jouer Blush Duo Mini Rose Gold – Marigold/ Rose Petal

So yes, this review is for the MINI Jouer Blush duo in Rose Gold. It features two shades: Maribold and Rose Petal and it retails for €18. I found this on Beauty Bay! So it is available in Europe as well. With these mini products that Sephora US sells you just never know: some of those are specifically made for that retailer and not for sale anywhere else, but this one is. So that makes it easier to get. The reason why I went for the mini wasn’t just the fact that I couldn’t choose between the shades. It was also a very practical reason: it was much cheaper. The larger versions of this retail for €33.50 for 11 grams of product. This mini is nearly half the price and you still get 8 grams. So to me that was a better deal as I just wanted to try the formula and see what the fuss was all about.

What does this blush duo have to offer?

jouer blush duo blush bouquet rose gold rose petal marigold review swatch makeup look

Jouer is one of those brands that gets a bit of hype for one of their products and then they kind of disappear again off everyone’s radar. When they released these blush duos, everyone went gaga for them and it really put Jouer back on the map. I had never tried anything by this brand before and I figured that this mini would make for a good entry level product. This blush duo features two blushes in complimentary tones: one with high shimmer and one with a more matte/ satin texture. What’s so great about these is that you get not one, not two, but three blushes for the price of one. As you can use each shade individually or mix them together.

What is the shade like?

jouer blush duo blush bouquet rose gold rose petal marigold review swatch makeup look

Out of the different shades on offer, I found it difficult to choose which one would suit me best while still adding something more unique to my blush collection. Because that was the only thing that had me doubt this purchase at first: the shades are a bit standard and nothing too special. Many people raved about Adore, but that was a bit too peach for my liking. Rose Gold has that NARS Orgasm kind of look about it. If that blush came in a deeper and a lighter version with varying degrees of shimmer that is. This is a very warm toned, coral blush with a golden under tone in Marigold and a more pinky tone in Rose Petal.

What do these blushes swatch like?

jouer blush duo blush bouquet rose gold rose petal marigold review swatch makeup look

As you can see in these swatches, not only is there a difference in shade and shimmer intensity but also in depth. Marigold is much deeper, warmer and shimmery than Rose Petal. Rose Petal is more muted and one of those great for everyday kind of shades. It still has a hint of a sheen, making this not a flat matte, but more of a satin finish blush. Overall, the texture of these blushes is phenomenal. They are a tad powdery and when you stick your brush in you will experience some kick up. However, this blend seamlessly into the skin and they are easy to blend and build up in intensity if you so desire.

How does this apply?

jouer blush duo blush bouquet rose gold rose petal marigold review swatch makeup look

The minute I bought this product I knew I wanted to mix the two shades together. I felt that Marigold by itself would be too dark for me, so I need Rose Petal to tone it down and make it more wearable. And when you do that this is the result. This is the kind of blush that shows up as you wearing blush but still in a very pretty, wearable way. This is more intense than what I would usually go for. However, since this blends in so easily, I feel I can never overdo this. This is the kind of blush that gives you a lot of control over the amount you apply and I prefer to just dab this all over my cheek area with a big, round, fluffy, blush brush like the one by Real Techniques.

My final thoughts

jouer blush duo blush bouquet rose gold rose petal marigold review swatch makeup look

I really enjoy using the Jouer Blush Duo in Rose Gold. It has everything I want in a blush. It is easy to apply, it adds a pretty color to the face and because it has a sheen this never looks flat. In terms of blush textures and formulas this is a very good one and I am glad that I own this. However, I also own The Balm’s Hot Mama blush and I feel that if you already own that or NARS Orgasm (or any other blush similar to those) than this shade may be nothing special. I had no issues with wear time on this, but then again, I never experience my blush disappearing throughout the day to begin with.

Would I recommend the Jouer Blush Bouquet in Rose Gold?

This is a great blush for sure, but the shade range is nothing to write home about if you compare it to other blushes already on the market. I think there are many shades similar to these blushes already out there that you probably already own. However, the formula of this is one of the easiest to work with and I feel I can do no wrong. I appreciate that this one shade comes in a mini that offers you a much better deal than getting any of the larger ones. So when I consider the overall package here and you are looking for a wearable blush that can become a staple in your makeup routine than this would be a very safe bet.

Have you tried anything by Jouer?

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