Playing with singles // Building a custom cool toned eyeshadow palette

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You know that feeling that everything is out there, just isn’t perfect? I felt that way about my cool toned palettes and so I decided to do it myself. I got some new Sydney Grace singles and put them in a palette, but I wanted to give some of my other singles a bit of a rejig as well. So here we go: let’s play with some single eyeshadows!

Custom Cool Toned Palette ft. Sydney Grace and lots of swatches

Sydney Grace shadows:

Sydney Grace
Black Ice
Concrete Road
Deep Water
Indiana Love
Island Paradise
Keep it Fun
Midnight Green
Palm Trees
Winter Wonder

What shade is your favorite here?

4 responses to “Playing with singles // Building a custom cool toned eyeshadow palette”

  1. I like the mint green and lavender. I’m obsessed with those two colors lately! I just made my first custom palette at Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s only 4 colors but I have an extra one so 5 total, but the mini palette only holds 4. I like how the magnets secure them in! I swore I wouldn’t get into making my own palettes, but now I might be hooked. The colors I got are shimmers and one matte: Emerald, Venice, Aqua, Ballet and Baby Cakes.

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