Jeffree Star Hypothermia highlighter review

jeffree star supreme frost highlighter review swatch makeup look hypothermia fair skin

How do you feel about unusual highlighter shades? I am never sure and when I first spotted the Jeffree Star Supreme Frost in Hypothermia in store I was intrigued but wasn’t convinced it would be one I could pull off. And then I spotted a make up break up from the Beauty News ladies. I fell in love! It was just the video I needed to pull me over the threshold and bite the bullet. So yes, I was definitely influenced on this one. Let’s have a closer look!

Review: Jeffree Star Supreme Frost highlighter in Hypothermia

Jeffree Star products are a bit pricey. This Supreme Frost retails for €33.90, but I had a discount ticket at the time so I did buy this for a bit cheaper than that. The Jeffree Star brand is one I held off on for years. His outlandish personality combined with his reputation made me reluctant to dip my toes in. Until I bought the Blue Blood palette last year and fell in love with the quality of his shadows, so I wanted to try more. This is the only non-shadow product by the brand that I own.

What does Hypothermia have to offer?

jeffree star supreme frost highlighter review swatch makeup look hypothermia fair skin

The highlighters in this brand come in different varieties. There are Skin Frosts, Supreme Frosts and his latest formula is the Extreme Frost. The original Skin Frosts never appealed to me: the shades were too dark or not my cup of tea and I had heard the formula was quite thick. When I swatched those in store I was not convinced, but then I swatched the Supreme Frosts and I was blown away. The formula felt smooth and apart from your standard highlighter shades, this also comes in more daring shades. Hypothermia is one of those more out there shades.

What is the shade of this highlighter like?

jeffree star supreme frost highlighter review swatch makeup look hypothermia fair skin

Hypothermia is a shade that is not for your everyday wear. Or so it seems… This shade is described as a purple blue but that is not exactly what you see. Because more purples and blues are quite icy and this has more of a pink/ nude base tone to it. That makes this highlighter surprisingly wearable: because the base shade is close to my skin tone, all you see a glass like, icy blue flash. Icy blue flash? Yes, this is one of those highlighters that is incredibly difficult to capture in a picture: when the light hits it this way it is more nude, when it hits it the other way it shifts to purple and then blue.

Is a blue toned highlighter wearable?

jeffree star supreme frost highlighter review swatch makeup look hypothermia fair skin

I would say yes! I finally pulled this into a Shop My Stash this month to give it a good whirl. Because it is blue I wanted to make sure I could pull this off and not look like I am wearing a blue highlight. And that is exactly what this highlighter does. For some reason, this is a blue toned highlighter that I could actually wear to work. Because rather than looking blue on the face, it just has that bit of blueness to it when it is at its brightest. Don’t believe me? I wore this already in a few videos I filmed and that I think shows this off much better than these pictures do.

How does this highlighter swatch?

jeffree star supreme frost highlighter review swatch makeup look hypothermia fair skin

This is of course a full on finger swatch, but isn’t this stunning? And far less intimidating than it looks in the pan. Yes it is a purple blue, but it is a very neutral purple blue if that makes any sense. It has a beautiful shift and a hint of visible sparkle. However, this still feels smooth and blends into the skin. I have already described this shade as glass like and I feel that is the best description. As the Beauty News ladies explained: this is a great shade for someone with a fair skin tone and I couldn’t agree more.

What does this highlighter look like on the face?

jeffree star supreme frost highlighter review swatch makeup look hypothermia fair skin

Like I said, pictures don’t do this highlighter justice. It is really one you have to see in real life. It is far less blue and here it looks very patchy and as if it mainly consists of sparkles. However, some highlighters just don’t photograph well which is why I would like to refer you to the link above and watch some of the videos I filmed in early June where I have consistently worn this shade. It is a beautifully, glass like finish that really makes it look like lit from within if you have a very pale skin tone.

My final thoughts

jeffree star supreme frost highlighter review swatch makeup look hypothermia fair skin

The Jeffree Star Supreme Frost highlighter in Hypothermia shows that sometimes going out on a whim and buying a product that is out there can pay off in the end. This is surprisingly wearable. Where I was nervous this would be too much for everyday wear, I have been wearing it daily for the past two weeks and I have loved it every time. No one in my online meetings has called me out for wearing blue highlighter (but then again, my colleagues and students are used to my makeup trials by now) and I feel it is one that I will reach for much more often. A truly unique product that still works with many different looks.

Would I recommend the Jeffree Star highlighter in Hypothermia?

I am always a bit hesitant to recommend products to begin with, but this has me do another double take. First of all, it is Jeffree Star and that has to be a brand you want to support (as it goes for any brand!). Secondly, this shade is mainly right for pale skinned people. I think if you have a much deeper skin tone, this could quickly look ashy. However, this line has a couple of great shades that would work so well on deeper skin tones. Thirdly, if you are afraid of being too out there with your makeup this is not for you. However, if you are like me and you like to experiment with your looks and you like unique products with a stunning formula? Then this may be worth a shot.

What is your opinion about this Jeffree Star highlighter?

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  1. The super flashy trend is not my kind of thing, yet these highlighters seem to hypnotize me whenever I see them LOL. I entered a giveaway last Winter for the Extreme Frost in “Sour Apple”. I didn’t win, but I would have been pretty excited to try it out if I had. Extreme Frost is $50 USD! This one is $32 USD, I think. I see what you mean about the flash… you can kind of get a glowing “lit from within” look with it. I went to check it out, but “Hypothermia” is sold out… The other shades aren’t as interesting imo. I think it looks really good on you!

  2. It is a beautiful colour. I personally wouldn’t wear it as a highlighter but I would definitely wear it as an stunning eyeshadow or eyeshadow topper. Unfortunately, imported brands are prohibitively expensive here so I will probably have to admire it from afar.

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