Eyeshadow Wardrobe Tag

eyeshadow wardrobe tag

Welp today’s tag meant quite the learning curve for me. What did I learn? That I don’t use my makeup to ‘look a certain way’ for ‘certain occasions’, but rather that I do my makeup according to my mood and kind of just wear whatever. But today’s tag is exactly about what I would wear for certain occasions: like your eyeshadow palettes are a dress you would wear (but even those I kind of just throw on as is). My general rule of thumb is: if I can wear it to work, I can wear it for every occasion, no need to plan it out. So I struggled with this one! Therefore this is a bit of a ranty video, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Eyeshadow Wardrobe Tag


  • Wedding/ Guest
  • Date Night
  • Girl Night
  • Vacation
  • Graduation
  • Christmas Day
  • Birthday party
  • Office
  • Errands/ Everyday go to
  • New Year’s Eve
What palettes do you like to wear for these occasions?

2 responses to “Eyeshadow Wardrobe Tag”

  1. For me it’s all about what I’m wearing. So whatever I’m wearing for these occasions, is how I’ll pick my palette. I definitely need my eye shadow looks to match my outfit. Except New Year’s I like to wear super sparkly, whether I’m hanging out with people or not. I just like sparkly for certain Holidays. 🙂

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