Black Friday Haul

black friday haul 2020

In today’s video I am showing you what I got during the Black Friday sales. As usual I got quite a bit as I tend to save up most of my wishlist in the second part of the year for Black Friday as it is usually cheaper to buy more in one go and use the codes and discounts around than buying little bits throughout the year and paying for shipping multiple times. So while I am fully aware that this is a lot, but this is a once in a year haul for me. So let’s go.

Black Friday Haul

What did you get for Black Friday?

2 responses to “Black Friday Haul”

  1. I got so many products recently, I don’t know which ones were a Black Friday sale or not. LOL. But I’ll just mention the 2 Colourpop palettes I got on sale recently: Baroque and All Things Equinox. I have yet to put them on my face, but here’s what I think: Baroque looks boring (although I’m sure you’ll make some pretty looks with it!) All Things Equinox looks like it might be a great mauve-toned palette, hopefully not too pink! 🙂

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