Sleek Enchanted Forest eyeshadow palette review

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sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch enchanted forest makeup look application

In today’s review we are having a look at a long overdue palette. Because this is one that I have held on for years. The palette just was never my favorite so I pushed it back and back and back and now that I’m ready to declutter it, I thought I would still have to show you this close up. As this review is a bit of a short one, I also wanted to tell you that I have some extra content up today. If you check out my Youtube channel here, then you can watch a video all about my top 10 favorite spring dresses. But here we are currently reviewing a palette that has long since been discontinued. Let’s go!

Review: Sleek I-Divine eyeshadow palette Enchanted Forest

So this palette I don’t think you can still buy. Sleek redid their entire line a while ago and therefore this may be difficult to find if you were hoping to pick it up. Sleek palettes always retailed for around the €10 mark and they were one of the first brands that did affordable palettes that were super pigmented. Back in the day, Sleek was THE brand to buy, but then competitors such as Make Up Revolution came along and they just overshadowed what Sleek had to offer. If you wish to see reviews with other Sleek palettes I own(ed), then check out this link, this video, or this blog post featuring swatches.

What does this palette have to offer?

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch enchanted forest makeup look application

The Enchanted Forest was interesting to me as it was a more cool toned palette. This one was released a little bit later, so there was no more grid embossed on these shades like some of the older palettes did. I haven’t bought from Sleek for years and these shadows are still really up there in terms of quality. They are still pigmented and swatch well and there are still a few palettes that I have decided to keep around as the color stories are still very unique. And that’s why I am still reviewing this palette: to show you that Sleek was able to do a great cool toned color story that just hit the mark.

What is the color story like?

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch enchanted forest makeup look application

As you can see the Enchanted Forest is a mainly cool toned palette. That’s why I have kept this around for years as the makeup on offer for a while was mainly geared towards warm tones, leading me to hang on to each and every cool toned product I owned. There are a few warmer tones in this palette, but 75% of it is greys, cool tones blues and cool toned browns. We only get a few mattes though and this was one of the reason why so many fell out of love with Sleek palettes. Around 2014, everyone started to look for mainly mattes in their palettes, whereas Sleek palettes traditionally features more shimmers. Lovely shimmers, but in the end the palettes started to feel dated, which is why I think that Sleek’s decision to redo the palette line completely made sense. I haven’t tried any of the newer palettes so I cannot say whether the quality is anything like these.

How do these shadows swatch?

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch enchanted forest makeup look application

As you can see, these shades swatch beautifully. There really are only 4 real mates though and that makes this palette not that perfect. The color story is a bit haphazard (another critique after a few Sleek palettes came out) but the blendability and pigmentation of all these shades is pretty much on point. Are these the best eyeshadows of like? No, but for a drugstore palette this is still good quality nonetheless. There aren’t that many brands that were as consistent as Sleek with their quality and I feel that Sleek was definitely sold short for the wrong reasons once makeup tastes started to shift.

How doe these shades apply?

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch enchanted forest makeup look application

To test out the palette, I only did one look with this, but I used as many of the cool tones as I could. Of course this having been a few years ago, I don’t necessarily remember which shades I used. However, I think this still showcases quite nicely what the palette can do. You do have to like putting satins and shimmers in the crease to like it, bu in the end I think this look is a great variation on a smokey eye. The lavender blue shimmer all over the lid is life and was the sole reason why this palette got to stay in my makeup collection for as long as it did.

My final thoughts

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch enchanted forest makeup look application
Never mind the blue shimmer lip! That was a NYX lip lacquer FYI.

I seriously wish Sleek hadn’t been cancelled like they were a few years ago. Sleek is one of those brands that went from ‘top of everyone’s list’ to the brand no one talks about anymore. As their popularity waned, the brand also became harder to buy and I don’t think it is still stocked in any stores where I live. And it’s a shame, because I loved all of my Sleek palettes and I would love to try some more. However, they haven’t come out with any color stories that appeal to me and so I haven’t jumped the gun yet. The Enchanted Forest palette was one that gave me some stunning, more unique colors, but I now own other palettes with more updated color stories and a more ‘now’ quality that I feel I no longer need to keep it around.

Would I recommend the Sleek I-Divine palette in Enchanted Forest?

While unavailable, I would still recommend checking out Sleek if you have access to it. If you’re in the UK they may still be quite easy to find. I would definitely recommend giving these a swatch to see if the quality is anything you might like. They still have some of their older palettes for sale on their website, but of the new palettes I just don’t know what quality they have. If you can still find this and the palette appeals to you, you will definitely love it, but be aware that you do not pay too much of it if you do happen to find it as it was discontinued a few years ago.

What is an older palette that you wish wasn’t discontinued?

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  1. Esther M Avatar
    Esther M

    Hi Maaike,

    I think some Ici Paris Xl braches still sell Sleek. I think their problem was/is that they don’t update their collection regularlyI haad a lot of their palettes and depotted them and combined and repressed a lot of their shades, And now I’m about to declutter the ones that underperform and just keep the really goog colours like a gorgeous orange shimmer.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      It’s all gone here in Rotterdam I’m sure. Plus the line hadn’t been updated in years. They were pretty much selling deadstock.

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