Ranking Blue & Green palettes

ranking blue green palettes

In today’s video I thought we could rank my blue & green palettes. I have some palettes that are just blue, some that are all green and then some that mix the two shades and some even have some purples thrown into the mix. In short, we have a lot to chat about and apart from purple, blues and greens are some of my favorite shades to wear. However, they are also colors that can be difficult to get right. So I love trying them out and I had no issue ranking these as I have some firm favorites and some real duds here too. Let’s get to the ranking!

Ranking all of my Blue & Green eyeshadow palettes

Palettes mentioned:

  • Ace Beauté Oceanic
  • Beauty Bay Book of Magic
  • BH Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin
  • BH Sweet Shoppe Pistachio
  • Blush Tribe Hasina 2
  • Certifeye Affinity 2
  • Colourpop Just My Luck
  • Colourpop Mandalorian The Child
  • Colourpop Mint to Be
  • ELF Earth & Ocean
  • Essence Ice Ice Baby
  • Essence Dancing Green
  • Huda Beauty Khaki Haze Obsessions
  • Huda Beauty Emerald Obsession
  • Huda Beauty Sapphire Obsessions
  • Glamshop W Zielone
  • Glamshop Niebienski 2020
  • J* Blue Blood
  • Juvia’s Place The Tribe
  • Make Up Revolution Mini Tasty Avocado
  • Menagerie Cosmetics Whale Song
  • Nabla Cutie #6 Midnight
  • OPV Beauty Tropical Dreams
  • Sample Beauty Hydrographic
  • Sheglam Cactus Cool
  • Sleek Calm Before the Storm
What blue or green palette is your favorite?

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