Catrice Peppermint & Berry Glow lip balm review

catrice peppermint berry glow lip balm review swatch makeup look application

As part of the new Catrice line up for Fall/ Winter 2021, we got another new glow lip balm. They have been doing this lip balm for a while now and I tried the Hemp & Mint one which was green and changed color and I tried the Watermelon one. I liked those well enough but I am not a super big fan of tinted lip balms and so I ended up not wearing them as much after the initial trial period. However, when they released one that combined mint & berry I thought I could try this out.

Review: Catrice Peppermint Berry Glow Lip Balm

So like the other two products this product retails for €4.99. That really isn’t much for lip balm, but I find it strange that their color lipsticks are less expensive than this as those retail for €3.99 each. However, many of the lip balms I love retail for a similar price point so I am not too mad about it. FYI some of my favorite stick lip balms are by Burt’s Bees. I especially like the honey one! And these Catrice lip balms are fun as they do have a hint of color to them.

What does this product have to offer?

catrice peppermint berry glow lip balm review swatch makeup look application

I mean what can I say here: it’s a balm so all I want is that it nourishes my lips. These kind of stick balms I only tend to use at the start of my makeup routine, so I really don’t need it to do too much in terms of hydration. For me, this gives me enough slip to nourish my lips in the morning before putting on an actual lipstick. However, if you were to use this as your only lip product this may be a bit lacking as it doesn’t stay on very long, so you would have to reapply it constantly. What I didn’t like about this though is the scent: it’s got a mix of fresh mint and sweet berry and those kind of scent I find very confusing. So I am not a huge fan. To me, it’s like the hemp and watermelon balms went and had a baby scent wise.

What does this product swatch like?

catrice peppermint berry glow lip balm review swatch makeup look application

So what do you get if you buy this? A basic, easy to use balm that just adds a hint of color and a bit of hydration to the lips. This is very pretty on when first applied. It is smooth and give you that barely there kind of look. I would say this is a perfect product for that no makeup makeup look. As you can see here, the balm has a subtle hint of pink that does show up on the lips and there is a little bit of shine. It’s not that shiny that it is super obvious that you are wearing anything.

My final thoughts

catrice peppermint berry glow lip balm review swatch makeup look application

As you can see here the Catrice Peppermint Berry Glow lip balm is a pretty decent product. This one didn’t wow me, but it is good enough to get the job done. Nothing too crazy amazing because it is a lip balm so really what could we expect? I like the way this product works, but the scent is just not my favorite. I liked the fragrance of the other two much better and I would reach for those over this as I also feel that both of those had slightly more color payoff. However, if you want a tinted balm for that hint of pink then this is pretty product for sure.

Would I recommend the Catrice Peppermint Berry Glow lip balm?

I think many people might like this. If you are still having to wear a mask whenever and wherever you go, then wearing a full on lipstick may not be great. In that case, a product like this is perfect. It adds a bit of color for when the mask comes off, but you do not run the risk of smudging color everywhere either. It is certainly comfortable on the lips, but you may run into the problem that you have to reapply this quite often as it quickly disappears. Is this a good tinted lip balm? Yes. Is it a revolutionary makeup product? No.

What is a tinted lip balm you love?

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