Catrice Lip Plumper & Hemp Lip Balm review

catrice plump & blur lip treatment hemp & mint glow lip balm review swatch makeup look

We all know how much I love Catrice’s lipsticks lines. I review them whenever they come out with something new. However, did you know that Catrice also does some very decent lip care products? For their summer 2020 collection, the brand released a few new ones and today I am reviewing two of them: a lip plumper and a lip balm. How will these two products work for me? Let’s find out.

Review: Catrice Plump & Blur Lip Treatment & Hemp & Mint Glow Lip Balm

As always, Catrice is a nicely affordable brand and so these products will not break the bank. The lip plumper retails for €3.99 while the lip balm costs €4.99. Each product is available in just one shade/ variety. That keeps things nice and simple. Of these two products, I definitely have a clear preference for one of them, but we will get to that in a minute. Let’s first have a look at these products and what they have to offer.

Catrice Plump & Blur Lip Treatment

catrice plump & blur lip treatment hemp & mint glow lip balm review swatch makeup look

This product had me intrigued, but also apprehensive. I have never much cared for lip plumpers as they can be quite uncomfortable on the lips. As the product has to get your lips to react, it usually contains an ingredient that makes your lips tingle for a bit to achieve that plumping effect. In this product they have gone with mint, which I think is the better choice. Some products contain cinnamon and I remember years ago trying one that simply made my eyes water. This does not: the tingle is gentle and I have to say I don’t notice much plumping with this one.

What does this product swatch like?

catrice plump & blur lip treatment hemp & mint glow lip balm review swatch makeup look

But then what does this product do instead? Well, apart from promising to plump your lips, it also promises to smooth out lines and to simply nourish your lips to the point where they are ready for other lip product. In short, a great first step in a makeup routine, where you can slap this one, let it sit to do its job and then go over with a lip product. It makes your lips look more even and it makes any lipstick go on and look great. I do find it is a bit of a faff: this leaves a layer on your lips that is best wiped off if you wish your lipstick to last longer than a hot minute. So that pretty effect will be gone soon after.

Catrice Hemp & Mint Glow Lip Balm

catrice plump & blur lip treatment hemp & mint glow lip balm review swatch makeup look

The more successful product of the two for me? The hemp lip balm. Yes hemp. Not sure whether that ingredient is actually in there or whether Catrice is just trying to ride the trendy wave of makeup and skincare infused with hemp, but in any case I really liked this. For a few reasons. This ALSO contains mint and I find this makes my lips look better than the Plump & Blur lip treatment. Why? Because this balm changes color on your lips. Hence no swatch here, because it just looks like a clear lip balm. However, once applied to the lips, this changes into a pretty, wearable pinky shade. Oh and let’s not forget: this does exactly what I want a lip balm to do. This makes my lips feel moisturized and nourished all day. So much so that I can wear this ‘as is’ and be fine with it. A great alternative to lipstick if you don’t want to go too full on.

What is the effect of these products?

catrice plump & blur lip treatment hemp & mint glow lip balm review swatch makeup look

What is a makeup review without befores and afters huh? So let’s have a look. The first picture here is my lips without anything on. Picture no. 2 features the Plump & Blur lip treatment, while picture no. 3 is with the lip balm applied. As you can see here, there is not much of a plumping effect with the Plump & Blur. It does smooth out my lips and lipstick glides over it very nicely, but I feel the effect is lost the minute you wipe this away. Now the lip balm on the other hand: I have already worn this so much! It truly gives your lips that: ‘my lips but better’ look and this is a great staple to through into a handbag.

My final thoughts

catrice plump & blur lip treatment hemp & mint glow lip balm review swatch makeup look

I like both products, but I have a strong preference for the lip balm. When I first started using this I just couldn’t put it down. It is super hydrating on the lips and the fact that I could put this on before a Zoom call and be done was an added bonus. I only started wearing full on lipstick about 2 months into lockdown. All I would be wearing was this. I was a little less enthusiastic about the lip plumper. It doesn’t really plump and while it delivers on the other promises I just wasn’t wowed by it.

Would I recommend the Catrice Lip Plumper & Hemp Lip Balm?

When it comes to the lip balm it is a definite yes. I feel everyone should have one in their purse. It is quick, it is easy and it is beautiful no matter who wears it. It may show up less pink on your lips depending on your natural lip color, but on the whole you will get an affordable easy to wear, everyday lip product that just looks super pretty on. The lip plumper is good if you like that sort of thing, but I think I will just declutter mine when the time comes.

What is your favorite lip balm/ treatment?

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  1. My favorite lip balms are Winki Lux and Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees shimmers, that is. They are very soothing on dry lips and the colors are nice too and a great price point. I will have to try the Catrice if I can find it.

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