Custom singles palette December 2022

I am here for singles in 2023, are you? I am certainly going to keep this little series going, but before we ring in the new year, let’s review the Sydney Grace Christmas in July Mystery Bag shades.

custom single eyeshadow palette december 2022 sydney grace christmas in july mystery bag

This video is part of my ungoing custom singles series. In past months I have either put together my own palette using my single eyeshadows or I have reviewed things I had yet to try. Today we are having a closer look at the shades I received from Sydney Grace when I purchased all three mystery bags in their Christmas in July sale.

Custom Singles December 2022 // Trying the Sydney Grace Christmas in July Mystery Mag shades (incl. looks)

Products mentioned:

  • Heart & Soul, You Have Me, Together Forever, Yours Forever, Always Faithful
  • Time to Celebrate, Today & Forever, The Next Chapter, Delicate Design, Nomadic Radiance, Love & Happiness
  • Abundance, Bonfire, Baby Boy, Crashing Waves, Force of Nature, Let’s Cuddle

Buy Sydney Grace through their official website.

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