Top 10 Bright eyeshadows

It’s almost summer so we need to keep talking about some bright/ colorful eyeshadow. Because I have been talking about my favorite bright palettes, my favorite rainbow palettes and I compared some pastel palettes. But what we haven’t discussed yet are my favorite single bright & colorful eyeshadow shades.

top 10 bright eyeshadow

So today’s video is about my top 10 favorite bright & colorful eyeshadows. It doesn’t just feature palettes, but also some of my singles. I swatch everything out for you and show you a bit of an overview of the 10 shades together. Hope you enjoy!

Top 10 bright eyeshadows // These are my favorite bright colorful shades

Mentioned in the video:

  • Devinah Hydra
  • Sydney Grace Fierce
  • Colourpop Sandbar
  • Sydney Grace Marine Waters
  • Lethal Cosmetics Vortex
  • Melt Waiting Room
  • LA Splash Classic Horror
  • September Rose Slush
  • Blend Bunny Surge
What are your favorite bright eyeshadows?

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