Palettes Revisited September 2023

I love going back to palettes I have tried before. Because when I love a formula I want to go back to it till the cows come home. This month I had nice little pre-fall selection of palettes going on and I loved every single look I did with these.

palettes revisited gem or junk older eyeshadow palette

Unfortunately the way the video was timed meant I had to film the talky part before I got to use any of these palettes. Still, I managed to insert the looks and my predictions all came true and these looks all turned out the way I had hoped.

Gem or Junk? // Revisiting 5 older eyeshadow palettes

Mentioned in the video:

  • Shroud Cosmetics Moonfall
  • Shroud Cosmetics It’s Freaking Bats
  • Shroud Cosmetics Arcana
  • Sigma Enchanted
  • BH Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin (discontinued)

You can find the full list with affilate links and links to reviews in the video description box!

What is a palette you like to go back to all the time?

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