NOTD: A flaky does it

Glitters. Holographic top coats. Flakies. If it sparkles I’m all game when it comes to nail polish. So when you combine the three and make a glittery holographic flaky top coat, you bet I need that puppy in my life. So when Catrice released a Limited Edition last year that included a nail polish that fits that bill, I had to have it. I just hadn’t tried it yet. Until now.

Ta-dah! Ain’t she pretty? It took me ages to find a good quality flaky top coat. Most flakies I had tried so far, had little to no effect. All I got was one meagre little flaky onto my nail and that’s that. This flaky top coat goes on pretty nicely for a flaky top coat. Yes, you still have to rearrange and sometimes dab the particles into place. And yes, you also end up with a thicker coat than you’d ideally want, but with just one layer and a bit of maneuvering this is the result I got.

Of course you can put flakies such as this over a dark polish, which I think most people would do. But I love pairing holographic top coats with more neutral colors. I am currently into pale blues and light grey shades and this one is perfect. It has a hint of purple to it which keeps it from being boring, plus it also makes for a nice pairing with the flaky top coat. All I needed was 2 coats for an opaque layer.

Products used:

  • Trind Nail Restorer
  • Trind Nail Repair
  • Orly Bonder base coat
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary
  • Catrice Haute Future LE Holographic Flakes Topcoat Holo is the New Yolo
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat

I was surprised at how well this manicure lasted. I had some of the flakies come off during the 5 days or so I wore this. Most of it however, stuck and because I paired it with such a light shade, the missing particles weren’t that noticeable. Of course I ended up with tip wear within a few days and when major chipping of the color started happening I started removing this. Boy, that was a feat. This glitter really sticks to your nails. I had to resort to peeling off the nail polish to prevent from making too much of a mess.

The Rimmel color I used is now discontinued. I picked this up for a mere €2 euros from my local drugstore because the entire 60 seconds line is being renewed. However, I did see that some of the polishes from the old line are staying. Here’s to hoping that this gorgeous pale mauve-grey shade will stay because it has quickly become one of my favorite neutral nail polish shades.

What do you think of this nail polish combo? Would you wear something like this? Any suggestions on different ways to wearing this flaky top coat?

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