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This blog post will be the first of two posts to come your way today. To start off today, I thought I’d share some music favorites with you again. I have been listing my favorite songs of all time in alphabetical order for almost 2 years now. It’s been slow going, but with only 5 more entries to go, I think that you will find it makes for a varied list. This post will show you that in any case. From a bit of 90s pop, through early 2000s pop, 60s protest songs and some alternative dance, we’ll ultimately end up with an indie track. In short, there’s a little bit of everything here again. Let me know in a comment down below what songs starting with the letter V you like!

Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai

I like this song mostly for the video. The more you watch this, the more mindboggling it becomes. The song itself is one of my favorite memories of the 90s and the album this is from, called Traveling without Moving, was one of my favorites.

Voice Within – Christina Aguilera, The

Another old time favorite for me. I didn’t really like Christina Aguilera until she released Stripped, which this is on. I remember spending a lot of hours memorizing all the lyrics to that album and this song being a huge favorite.

Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane

On to something completely different! I love my classic 60s and 70s rock from time to time and I went through a phase where I listened to Woodstock and Isle of White festival recordings. There is just something about hippy culture that has always fascinated me and the idea of music meaning something more than just entertainment that came with that culture even more so.

Voodoo People – The Prodigy


Pendulum remix

For this song you’re getting two versions. The 1994 original and the more uptempo pendulum remix. I like both and when it comes to The Prodigy I knew I had to feature them in my music favorites list somewhere. They have been a staple in my life. From Firestarter being one of the first videos I remember watching on MTV in my early teens to their concert at Pukkelpop 2013 and the numerous times their songs pop up during gym workout playlists. The Prodigy has truly been a constant in my music listening history. This track is one of my faves of theirs.

VVOVV – Poor Spirits

Naturally, a music post on this blog would be incomplete without some indie track to round things up. As most of my favorite songs have been around for a long time in my life, and my love for indie music constituting a more recent stage in my music listening career, there aren’t too many songs that have made it to my top favorites yet. But this track kind of makes up for that. It has everything from warpy beats to bleeps and it is fairly minimal to top things off.

Stay tuned for 3 PM CET, which is when today’s 2nd blog post will go online.
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