Empty products (April 2016)

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I am on a roll when it comes to creating new video content for the blog. By the looks of it, I will be able to post a video once a week until at least the end of May. But after that, I am not sure yet what is going to happen. If you have any ideas for videos, then please leave me a comment down below and give me your input! For now, I would like to take you through my beauty trash in the shape of an empty products video. Enjoy!

As per usual, I have gathered quite a bit of beauty products that are now long gone or have to go. It’s been November since I last did one of these, so naturally there is quite a bit of stuff I went through in the mean time. Watch the video to see what I liked or didn’t like and below the videos you can find the full list of products including links to any reviews that might be up if you want to read more.

Products mentioned:

What items have you used up lately?
Anything you used up that was particularly nice or bad?

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