Top 5 MAC eye shadows

Whatever happened to MAC? Where a few years ago, you couldn’t open up a beauty blog without reading about the Canadian make up brand, by now it seems to only be mentioned when people are lusting after Kylie Jenner type lipsticks. Their eyeshadows however? Very neglected and I think it is time for a change. Which is why today’s blog post is devoted to my 5 favorite MAC eyeshadows.

Top 5 MAC eyeshadows Dazzle Light, Wedge, Patina, Woodwinked and Mulch

My Top 5 MAC eye shadows are housed in this Z-palette.
Can you guess which ones are my favorites?

Granted they aren’t the most interesting of shades, but I still really like these. With the advent of the eyeshadow palette and its dominance of the beauty market, I find that MAC’s singles are blatantly neglected. These were some of my very first high end eyeshadows I bought and I spent 1.5 years collecting them to create my own personalized perfect palette. In the years I’ve been using this, I have found a few favorites that I think could work for anyone.

I not very good with deep dark shadows, so I’m sure that for some people this selection is quite bland. Then again, I bought most of these in the early stages of my make up loving days, which means that some good staples was what I was after. And that’s how I still use these!

Meet Dazzle Light, Wedge, Patina, Woodwinked and Mulch!

In this selection there is a little bit of everything and between these 5 shadows you actually have the perfect little quintet. Dazzle Light is a gorgeous highlight shade. Wedge, being a matte, is the perfect crease/ transition shade. Both Patina and Woodwinked are good all over lid shades, but I also like these for a simple one shadow look. Especially Woodwinked I find works marvelously well by just slapping it on. Great if you’re in a rush. Mulch is the darkest shade: great for a smokey lower lash or adding some more definition to your eye look.

Top 5 MAC eyeshadows Dazzle Light, Wedge, Patina, Woodwinked and Mulch

I think you can clearly see how well these shades work together in a swatch. Dazzle light is a shimmery vanilla toned highlight. Wedge is a matte neutral brown shade. Patina is a bronze toned grey, with a slightly cooler undertone and very natural. Woodwinked is more of a golden/ bronze/ copper. Much more outspoken than Patina, but both of them look a bit meh in the pan, while working great on the eyes. Mulch is a deeper brown shade with lots of bronze shimmer running through it.

The quality of MAC shadows is amazing! These last well, even without a primer, and there is a reasons legions of people (used to) swear by these shadows. If you would like to see these shades in action, then feel free to check out the following blog posts: Dazzle Light, Wedge, Patina, Woodwinked, Mulch.

What are your favorite MAC eyeshadows?

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  1. Wat een mooie kleuren! Ik vind dat soort warme kleuren heel mooi bij mij staan. Ben zelf daarom ook enorme fan van Naked 1!

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