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My second ever 32 pan Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette had me hoping it would be better than my first experience with this budget brand. The original Flawless palette is one of those palettes that has deceiving good looks, but in the end isn’t a palette I enjoyed. I reviewed it nearly 2 years ago and didn’t like how the shadows performed very differently from what one might expect by looking at them in the pan or a swatch. There are a few shades that I enjoy in there though and I was pleasantly surprised by two other MUR palettes: New-trals vs Neutrals and Fortune Favours the Brave. Therefore, I was happy to try another one of their larger palettes to see whether the formula has since improved.

Make Up Revolution Flawless Matte 2 eyeshadow palette

Make Up Revolution Flawless Matte 2 eyeshadow palette

This palette is brand spanking new! It was released just a few weeks ago and I bought it pretty much the day after it came out. This palette retails for €9.95 and for that price you get 32 all matte eyeshadows. What appealed to me about this palette are the overall cool tones combined with the pops of peach. Also that midnight blue looks very promising, so when I spotted this, I knew I wanted to add it to my make up collection.

The Make Up Revolution palettes all look alike: they come in sleek looking black packaging with a lid that has a full length mirror. To keep this palette apart from your other MUR palettes, the Flawless Matte 2 comes in a shiny red box. I usually don’t keep boxes as it only adds bulk, but for this palette it comes in very handy: it stands out in my stash and that way I won’t forget about owning it, plus I can tell it apart from my other MUR palettes.

The 32 shades are on the cool side of the color spectrum. There are only a handful of warm shades, but that’s what I like about this palette. The top left corner does look very samey though and as you will see in swatches below, that is definitely the case. My favorites are the pops of peach (obviously), the navy blue and the 4 lilac/ purple shades in the left side of the bottom row.

In the pictures below you can see the pans closer up, as well as swatches per 4 shadows. I swatched these in clockwise direction starting top left in each picture. The names, which always feel a bit random and arbitrary with MUR palettes, are listed below with a color description. Please note: since I’m fair skinned, some of the lighter shades barely show up against my skin tone.

  • Flaw: a matte white (worst pigmentation in the palette)
  • Less: a bright whitish pink
  • Look: a very light skin tone
  • Standard: a medium skin tone shade (very similar to Look)

  • Ranking: a creamy off white
  • Two: a light taupe
  • Whole: a light dirty lilac
  • Sound: a light dusty mauve

  • Perfect: a yellow toned highlight
  • Neat: a yellow toned highlight (same shade as Perfect but with better pigmentation)
  • Order: a light brown with a warm undertone
  • Able: a light brown with a warm undertone (very similar to Order)

  • Tone: a medium warm toned taupe
  • Best: a medium cool toned taupe
  • WII: a light grey toned plum
  • Known: a medium grey toned plum

  • Master: a light beige
  • Accurate: a light camel (only a hair darker than Master)
  • Rate: a light beige (very similar to Master)
  • Finest: a pink toned lavendar

  • Top: a slightly darker beige
  • Notch: a warm toned brown
  • Right: a medium camel
  • Vintage: a deeper cool toned brown

  • Ripe: a soft coral peach
  • Matte: an intense midnight blue
  • Final: a rust colored peach
  • Famous: a light grey

  • Valid: a straight up peach
  • Total: a medium grey
  • Beauty: a reddish peach
  • Define: a deep charcoal

From having swatched and used this palette, I can tell you that my favorite shades in here are Known, Finest, Matte, Valid, Right, WII and Less. You can see all these shades in action in the looks below.

Look 1: Defined eye
WII & Known

This two shadow look with a bit of liner is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to wear this palette. I find that most of these shades blend very nicely and they also make creating a defined eye very easy. Since I like using matte shadows for creating a look where I wear something light on my moving eye lid and then something darker in the crease, this is one of my favorite looks. The hint of purple in these shades keep the look from getting boring and same old/ same old as well.

Look 2: Pop of color
Matte, Finest, Tone, Top, Vintage, Define, Less

For this second look, I used quite some more shadows. I just HAD to use that midnight blue. I started this look by smudging a bit of navy blue liner on my bottom lash, then I smudged Matte all over my lower lash line. I used Less on my brown bone and in the inner corner. Finest is all over the lid and I just a mixture of darker greyish browns to define the crease and outer V. I was very happy with this eye look!

Look 3: Millions of peaches
Final, Valid, Beauty, Notch, Tone, Less

For the final look I’m showing you with this palette I used the peachy shades, because how could I pass up on those?! These are the shadows that make the palette for me. Why? Because how often do you find peach shades in a neutral palette? In addition, the pigmentation of these insanely intense, yet the blend nicely and are easy to work with. Nothing too powdery and not a lot of fall out. I used Valid all over the lid, put some Final in the crease, used Beauty to deepen it up ever so slightly and then finished off with some Notch on the lower lash line and blended all the way into the crease. The result? A great warm toned look that is definitely not standard, yet wearable without giving that ‘did you just cry’ look.

The conclusion is that I love this palette. The plummy purples in this palette give this palette a spark that was quite unexpected. I feel this palette is filled with shades that look a bit drab in the pan but once you start using them they actually perform very nicely. The stars of this palette are the peach and navy shades in here though. They are what make this palette tick and why I would highly recommend this. Yes, I think Make Up Revolution are upping their game with this one.

What shades do you love from this palette?

11 responses to “Make Up Revolution Flawless Matte 2”

  1. Adryana Avatar

    That was a lovely review 😊 Thank you! I liked how you swatched all the tones and later did few looks with them. From the palette I like the blue toned shadows the most.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thank you! I always try to show multiple looks with larger eyeshadow palettes to gauge how versatile they are.

  2. zazazoobeauty Avatar

    Mooie en uitgebreide review! Die tweede look vind ik erg mooi

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dank je 🙂 Was zelf heel erg blij ermee. Normaal lukt een wing me echt nooit.

  3. hillybillybeauty Avatar

    Inderdaad, bij mij exact hetzelfde. De hele lichte kleuren zijn een beetje weggevallen op mijn oogleden, maar de donkere tinten doen het goed! Vooral de donkerblauwe vind ik erg mooi!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja he ik vind hem ook prachtig.

  4. baublesandknots Avatar

    Love look 2, the midnight blue on lower lash line is on fleek!
    I’m also loving the peaches & charcoal. I wouldn’t normally pair those, but that swatch is giving me ideas.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      That could make for a very interesting combination indeed!

  5. caroomakeup Avatar

    I want to purchase this so this review was very helpful! Love your blog btw 🤗

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thanks for your sweet comment!

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