Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadow

After trying some of the satin and matte liquid lipsticks by Colourpop, I decided to also try some of their eyeshadow. So in the same order I roped in a few of their infamous Super Shock eyeshadows. Is it a cream? Is it a powder? No! It’s the Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadows! I put them to the test.  photo colourpopeyeshadow1_zps16bqlgwb.jpg

Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadow in Partridge, So Quiche, BAE & Dance Party

Colourpop is a super fun and affordable brand. However, shipping and handling costs can make it expensive when you order from outside the US. However at $5 a pop, these still don’t break the bank. Especially if they have a free shipping deal on, it can be interesting to place an order if you stay below the threshold after which you need to start paying duties. And they accept Paypal! Always a plus.

The Packaging

 photo colourpopeyeshadow2_zps87pc25qx.jpgColourpop Super Shock eyeshadows come in these little individual pots. The reason for this is the formula. Caught between a cream and a powder, these little pots have to be closed off tightly to prevent the shadows from drying out. The little plastic pots are sturdy, be it bulky. Each shadow only contains 2.1 grams of product.

The Shades

 photo colourpopeyeshadow3_zpsu4mxad2i.jpgFor my first plunge into the world of Colourpop shadows I decided to pick up 4 different shades. Telling the difference between colors from online swatches can be hard and it always feels like a gamble. I opted for more unique shades as I only use single shadows if they are a little bit more out there. I already own tons of neutrals in my palettes, so I wanted to go for something I really wouldn’t have yet.


 photo colourpopeyeshadow4_zpsyh7eu1h7.jpgPartridge is one of my favorites. The minute I started using it, I just couldn’t stop. I especially like this as a base layer underneath my Make Up Geek duo chrome eyeshadow in Havoc. I just dab it on with a finger and blend Havoc on top and it’s the most stunning green/ brown duo chrome shift you have ever seen.

So Quiche

 photo colourpopeyeshadow5_zpsw3tyxfvj.jpgThe biggest surprise to me was So Quiche. I wasn’t sure what to make of this when I ordered it, but it seems to be a cult favorite. This seems to be another boring neutral at first, but this is such an interesting shade! It is mostly a taupe base, but that has hints of green and the shimmer? That is baby pink. Stunning when worn on its own with a softly blended crease and some mascara.


 photo colourpopeyeshadow6_zpsvkenvmpp.jpgFrom the most pleasant surprise to the least pleasant surprise: BAE looks like a stunning deep purple with teal/ blue flecks in the pan, but when swatched, I found this pulled too red. Worn on its own, this shade makes me look like I have an eye disease. It is still a pretty shade, be it different from what I had expected.

Dance Party

 photo colourpopeyeshadow7_zpskn4ahfxb.jpgThis glittery purple extravaganza is up there when you think different shades. I didn’t have anything like this. I believe this shade was originally discontinued and brought back again. And for good reason! There is just so much going on in this shade: the purple base in itself is already gorgeous, but the blue, purple and pink shimmer is what truly makes this pop.

The Swatches

 photo colourpopeyeshadow8_zpsehbbbzzn.jpgPartridge | So Quiche | BAE | Dance Party

I have no complaints about the pigmentation of any of these. Each one of these shadows applies smoothly and evenly with one swipe of the finger. I find these shadows are best applied that way too: with a finger and then blended with a brush. Blendability is not the best, but when you pair it with some matte shadows in the crease, these work really well.

The Looks

 photo colourpopeyeshadow9_zpso7ovhgwu.jpgLook 1:
Partridge (lid)
Topped off with Make Up Geek Havoc
Brownie Points by Make Up Geek is in the crease

 photo colourpopeyeshadow10_zpsiutdj9bi.jpgWhen you say you reached for a certain shade a lot, you have to have proof of course. I loved this combo so much, that I even featured it in my February favorites. It is quick, it is easy, but because of the duochrome shadows it looks like you actually made an effort.

 photo colourpopeyeshadow11_zpskk5fjjtk.jpgLook 2:
So Quiche all over the lid

 photo colourpopeyeshadow12_zpscohvjpiq.jpgIf you wish to go even more basic, then So Quiche is for you. It is simply one of those shades that works best on its own. I can also imagine using this tapped lightly on the center of the lid to add some more sparkle to a look. However, just this and a bold lip, works wonders too.

 photo colourpopeyeshadow13_zpsbc267woq.jpg

Look 3:
Bae (all over lid)
Dance Party (just the center)

 photo colourpopeyeshadow14_zps4ujj6bzr.jpg

But my favorite look by far, must be this one. BAE and Dance Party complement each other nicely. I only dabbed a little bit of Dance Party onto the center of my lid for a little extra dimension, but that’s it. BAE was easy to build up and looked less red once applied to the eye.

The Conclusion

Do I love these Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadows? Yes and no. BAE will never be my favorite as I had simply expected something else from it. But Dance Party will definitely be brought out for those days that simply need a little bit of extra sparkle. While Partridge and So Quiche aren’t your most standard every day shades, I think they are still very wearable and easy to throw into a look.

Which is your favorite Colourpop eyeshadow?

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  1. Your photos of the individual eye shadows look so clear and professional! What camera do you use? I always struggle with getting my pictures perfect.

    • I use a Samsung NX3000 for all my pictures. It’s mainly in the settings though. I always ensure the backgrounds of my pictures are blurred and just snap pictures until my camera focuses on the area of the image that I want it to focus on.

  2. I love Colourpop products. The pictures just never seem to be able to capture the true beauty of the glitter. However, I never reach for these because they’re singles. It’s easier for me to grab a pallet… Lovely review and shade selection! xoxo Sarah

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