Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks of 2020

top 5 favorite lipsticks 2020

Time for a chat about lipsticks! My favorites of the year that is. I didn’t try too many new lip products, but of the ones I tried, these are my favorites. It’s a top 5 since I didn’t try a whole lot that was new to me. No lip products I tried in the past year to year and a half has truly wowed me. It made me realize that when it comes to lips I know what my favorites are and that’s what I tend to reach for and just buy more shades from. So that’s why today’s video is a bit short and sweet, but I hope still informative and enjoyable to watch.

2020 favorites // Top 5 best lipsticks

Products mentioned:

  1. Lisa Eldridge lipsticks (review)
  2. Colourpop Lux gloss Figgy With It
  3. Bite Beauty lip lab lipsticks (review)
  4. Makeup Revolution New Neutral lipstick Stiletto (review)
  5. Catrice Demi Matt lipstick (review)
What was your favorite lipstick of 2020?

4 responses to “Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks of 2020”

  1. My favorite lipstick of 2020 has to be KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. The colors are great, it’s affordable (it comes in a mini) and it doesn’t smudge under a mask! Best of all, it’s not drying on my lips and I have the driest lips in the world! I bought it in 5 colors.

    • They are some of my fave liquid lipsticks! I had trouble with the reds going on nicely though and the darker shades looked weird on me as they pulled into a ring on my lips. I really like the ones I have though. Which shades do you have?

      • I have minis of Outlaw (bright red), Lovecraft (neutral pinkish mauve), Lolita (brownish mauve), Mother (medium pink), Saint (mauve) and a full size of Wolf (gray) because it was on sale. Outlaw is amazing! Lovecraft and Saint are very samey-samey, but nice mauves. I might get Nahz Fur A Too, (dark red) but I have so many dark reds.

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