Palettes I do NOT regret NOT buying

palettes I do not regret not buying

For this month of palette videos I also wanted to make sure I included a video about products I didn’t buy. Because if you are familiar with my content it may seem I buy any and every palette under the sun, but today I am discussing 10 palettes that kind of intrigued me but in the end I decided not to buy. And you know what?! I do not regret that one bit. So these are 10 palettes I do not regret not buying.

Palettes I do not regret not buying // 10 palettes I did not buy

Palettes mentioned:

  • Give Me Glow Pastel Dreams
  • Urban Decay X Prince collab
  • Urban Decay X Game of Thrones
  • Bperfect Carnival III
  • Natascha Denona Zendo
  • Too Faced Pumpkin Spice
  • Sydney Grace Enduring Love
  • Natascha Denona Biba
  • BH Cosmetics Lost in Los Angeles
  • Kaleidos Makeup Flower Punk
What are eyeshadow palettes that you do not regret not buying?

One response to “Palettes I do NOT regret NOT buying”

  1. hi Maaike
    Nice list and video
    I have the bh lost in LA i Love pastels tones 😆
    never i prove too faced because i think all they pallettes are same colors buuuut the pumpkim colorstory is beautifull to me
    Palettes that I dont regret not buying
    -Blood sugar JS i dont like red /cherry shadows and is a neutral boring palette
    -Another us brand with a latin CEO
    Beauty Creations the iconic palettes Tease me ( the new
    nude inspirations) and irresistible (Dupe of modern renassence)
    And some of colourpop

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