Top 10 Taupe eyeshadow

Did you know I love taupe eyeshadow? If not you’d do well to check out my 31 Days of one & done eyeshadow series on youtube. Because my favorite is a taupe. And I figured, why not do a complete lowdown of my top 10 favorite taupe shadows?

top 10 taupe eyeshadow

This will be an ongoing series for the rest of the year. Once a month I will pick a shade of eyeshadow I love and show you my top top favorites that I own. Hope you would like to stay tuned for more!

Top 10 Taupe Eyeshadow // These are my best eyeshadows in my fave shade (incl. swatches)

Mentioned in the video:

  • Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Echo
  • Colourpop That’s Taupe
  • Victoria Beckham Lid Lustre Mink
  • Natascha Denona Glam
  • Viseart Petit Four Lilas
  • Colourpop Supershock A Little Quarky
  • Pat McGath Mothership I Subliminal
  • Melt MaryJane Sweet Lucy
  • Natascha Denona Retro Glam
  • Viseart Paris Étoile
  • Charlotte Tilbury Hypnotizing Pop Shot Smokey Quartz
What is your favorite taupe eyeshadow?

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