Best in fashion (2016)

2016 was not the year for fashion to me. I felt the offerings quite lackluster and while I still bought quite a few pieces throughout the year, I didn’t feel as inspired as other years. Despite that, I thought it would be fun to show you my most worn and greatest fashion finds of the year. If you would like to see some of them on, or styled up, then please feel free to click the links throughout the post.

Embroidered Bomber jacket | Zara

Let’s just start off with the best piece shall we? This Zara jacket has been THE find of the year for me. I bought it on a whim on a day where I wasn’t even slated to go shopping. I simply went to Amsterdam to return something and found myself in Zara and BAM there it was. Every time I wear this someone will comment on it. I like wearing it with an all black outfit, as you can see here.

Mustard yellow turtle neck | H&M

This yellow turtle neck is life! I bought it all the way at the beginning of the year and wore it a few times during spring, but I knew I would really start wearing this during fall. I styled it up in this blog post, but I found my favorite way to wear this is with a pair of grey jeans and black booties and a brown lip. As you can see in this Instagram picture. I love everything about this: the shape, the way it drapes and the color of course.

Leopard print coat | Mango

Not officially a coat, but in fact sold as a blazer, this coat has been my favorite transitional piece in my fall/ winter wardrobe. It is soft and boxy and pretty warm given the fact that is supposed to be worn indoors. Just goes to show that you can make items work for you and don’t necessarily have to wear things the way the brands say you should. I of course featured this in my coat collection video.

Khaki button down midi skirt | Forever 21

My ultimate summer skirt was this Forever 21 number. I love the length of this and it goes well with cream and white blouses and a pair of brogues, as you can see here. The thing I like most about this skirt is the retro 1940s vibe this gives off and it is also super easy to just throw on. It is comfy, and what’s so funny about this one is that all it needs is a good wash and it pretty much irons itself.

Dark floral wiggle dress | Asos

During spring I was obsessed with ‘wiggle’ dresses so called because they taper down towards the knees make you wiggle as you walk. I bought a few, but when I found this one I was sold! I bought this and it fit and then I went and featured it in my spring haul and it no longer closed properly. Oops! By now I fit into it again luckily enough and I wore this to my family Christmas dinner.

Hogwarts dressing gown | Primark

Not so much a clothing item that I would wear out of the house, but since I wear this every single day during winter, I couldn’t pass this one up. I don’t shop much at Primark, but since they started stocking Harry Potter related lounge wear I find myself checking out the store more again. When I was in London in May I found this dressing gown and I fell in love. I never showed it on here before, but I did do a Harry Potter heavy Primark haul last summer.

Saddle bag | Mango

I love small bags! When I saw saddle bags becoming a thing last spring I knew I wanted one and then I found it at Mango. I have been wearing this thing loads. It is not the most spacious bag ever, but it does have three pockets and fits my wallet, phone and keys just perfectly. Great for a night out or when you’re going out for lunch or drinks with friends.

Cat eye sunglasses | H&M

Featured in my key summer picks for 2016, this pair of sunglasses was my favorite pair and wore them all summer. I also know I will be getting lots of wear out of this for some years to come as I am all about the tortoise look sunglasses these days and I think these are very flattering on.

Nike Air Max Thea | Sarenza

Early in 2016 I decided to up my sneaker game and bought some new sneakers. I got 2 pairs on sale, but I really wanted a pair of dark or black ones that would go with many different outfits. And then I found these Nike Theas that I love. They are incredibly comfy and work especially well now that it’s fall/ winter. I have definitely been wearing these on the days when it’s not too cold out here.

Black Chelsea boots | New Look

Chelsea boots are a staple in my wardrobe and I owned a heeled pair by H&M, but those were completely worn out. So I purchased a new pair. Leather this time and I bought them from New Look. I really enjoy New Look for shoes as they do affordable leather shoes and they have a good selection for people with wide feet. I showed these in my fall fashion haul and have been wearing them nonstop ever since.

What are your most worn pieces of 2016?

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  1. Honestly my most worn clothing of this year was leggings because i spent the majority [jan to july] pregnant so not much to do with clothing … and I can’t forget my all black nikes

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