Essence & Catrice Spring/ Summer 2021 Update

essence catrice spring summer 2021 update first impression review

It’s been a few months since Essence & Catrice launched their new products for Spring/ Summer 2021. Now that I have tried the majority of these products enough, it’s time to do a round up. So this is my round up review of the new Essence & Catrice products where I talk about what worked, what didn’t and what I still need to try more. So if you are interested in knowing more, then stay tuned! I did already review many of these products over here in the blog, so I will make sure to link to any reviews already up so you can find the products more easily.

Essence & Catrice Spring/ Summer 2021 Review Update // What worked, what didn’t ?

Products mentioned:

  • Essence Lipcare Booster Serum Peach Oil
  • Essence Lipcare Booster Lip Butter
  • Catrice Watermelon Shine Glow lip balm (review)
  • Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 120 Pink Addiction
  • Catrice Power Full Glossy Lip Oil (review)
  • Catrice Clean ID Silk Intense lipsticks (review)
  • Catrice Ultimate Stay Waterfresh lip tint (review)
  • Essence Liquid Ink liquid eyeliner brown (review)
  • Essence Hello Good Stuff face oil
  • Essence Skin Lovin’ Sensitive primer (review)
  • Essence Skin Lovin’ Sensitive concealer (review)
  • Essence Skin Lovin’ Sensitive powder (review)
  • Essence Out in the Wild Don’t Stop Blooming eyeshadow palette (review)
  • Catrice Sensitive Moisturizing Serum milk
  • Catrice Brow Fix soap stylist (review)
  • Catrice Fix & Fill Waxy brow pen (review)
  • Catrice Volume & Lift brow mascara (review)
  • Catrice Clean ID High Cover Luminous Matt foundation (review)
  • Catrice Clean ID full lash mascara
  • Catrice Love Skin & Respect Hydro primer
  • Catrice Prime & Fine Dewy Setting mist
  • Catrice Neonude eyeshadow palette (review)
  • Catrice Pro Slim Lavender Breeze (review)
What products have you tried?

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