2018 Makeup favorites

2018 makeup favorites

I wasn’t sure at first whether I wanted to do a 2018 makeup favorites. But then I saw loads of people doing them and then I wanted to do mine too! So here they are. If a product is not here, that means I liked it okay, but not enough to dub it a favorite. Or I didn’t like it at all or think I haven’t tried it enough yet. Since there is quite a bit here, let’s get to it!

2018 Makeup Favorites

I have made pictures of a few of my makeup favorites of this past year. These are all products I tried this past year. Most of these I already reviewed, but some I am still working on. So you can be sure that those reviews will be coming up some time this year. I have split it up into a few different categories, but eyeshadow palettes are not here. I already did a video on my best & worst eyeshadow palettes of 2018, so watch that by click here if you want to see what I loved last year in terms of palettes.


2018 makeup favorites

2018 was the year where I got more into higher coverage foundations. I certainly tried a few. My favorites were the YSL All Hours, Too Faced Born this Way and Maybelline Superstay foundations. I tried the Maybelline at the very beginning of the year and fell in love. It is definitely one of the better higher coverage foundations at the drugstore. My favorite throughout the year was the Too Faced, but as you may know by now, the YSL took that place after I tried that a bit more. It is just a great, natural looking foundation that gets the job done.

Primer & Setting Spray

2018 makeup favorites

Setting spray and primer were products that before 2018 I hadn’t tried much yet. I started using both at the end of 2017 and by now, out of everything I tried, both of my favorites are by Catrice. The Catrice Fresh it Up primer was one of the biggest surprises of 2018 for me. I really love this hydrating primer, even more so than the much more expensive Smashbox Primerizer which does something very similar. My setting spray of choice lately has been the Catrice Prime and Fine Fixing spray. It is as good as the Urban Decay and it retails for a fraction of the price. It doesn’t come with a whole lot of product, but I don’t mind that as I don’t use up setting spray all that quickly.

Powder & Concealer

2018 makeup favorites

Powder wise 2018 was a very quiet year. I was using my Bobbi Brown pressed powder for most of the year and by the end of it, I was sick of it. But I have found an affordable powder that I love. And that is the NYX HD Banana powder. For concealer, there was one big star this year next to my Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer and that was the Make Up Revolution Conceal & Define concealer. It has really fought its way to my top list as it doesn’t crease on me and looks great on.


2018 makeup favorites

My brow favorites are the same as always I think. The Soap & Glory Archery brow pencil is a long term favorite and I have not yet found anything better. And where would I be without my trusty Essence Make Me Brow? I have loved this for a long time. I think this is my fourth tube. Not kidding!


2018 makeup favorites

In 2018 I tried some new bronzers, but most didn’t leave a lasting impression. The only one that did was my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer. It was between this and the Becca Sunlit bronzer and while I like both equally as much, I am a little more impressed by this bronzer. It is just super natural and works very well for an easy every day look.


2018 makeup favorites

For blush I was a bit stumped. I just haven’t been trying that many new blushes and I have a few firm favorites that have been around for a while. I wasn’t sure, but I had not yet reviewed one of my all time favorite blushes until 2018, so I found it apt to share it again here. Of course I mean the H&M Blush in Tawny Peach. Sadly no longer available but they seem to be doing very similar shades. The only blush that I tried in 2018 that really surprised me was Urban Decay’s Video. This is a such a great blush shade and I am loving the formula. Definitely a review I need to get up asap!


2018 makeup favorites

The makeup product I tried most in 2018? Highlighter. Hands down. These were two standouts, but I tried so many that I loved. I could have featured many more. From the Annabelle highlighters I received from Canada to the new Catrice 3D highlighters: there have been so many great releases. Currently I am really into a super shiney, glass like glow and two products that have that blinding quality are NARS Forte de France and Ofra’s Rodeo Drive.


2018 makeup favorites

While I am not featuring any eyeshadow palettes, I cannot do this blog post and not mention some other eye related products. The Milani eyeshadow primer has been the only eyeshadow primer of the year, so that had to be in this blog post. But THE standout shadow product of the year for me are the Stila Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadows. I am not a big fan of glitter but these ones I gladly make an exception for. These are stunning!


2018 makeup favorites

Our final category is lipstick and I have 5 favorites. Not all of these are new to me, but these are definitely my most worn lipsticks of 2018. MAC’s Twig was one of my favorite neutrals all year, together with Bite Beauty’s Pepper. I of course wore quite a bit of red lipstick and one of my favorite reds is Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red, so that would be my bullet lipstick pick. For liquid lipsticks, my favorites are the Maybelline Lip Inks, especially the shade Pioneer. They are just some of the best! Last but not least, while I am not a fan of a glossy lip, I did discover the Revlon HD Lipsticks last year. HD Dawn has quickly become my favorite my lips but better type shade.

What were your 2018 makeup favorites?

7 responses to “2018 Makeup favorites”

  1. Very beautiful products 😍
    The one from Hourglass is nu favorite alsof because I have iTunes and I can’t make my make-up looks without this….

    I wish you a great day 😉

  2. I try everything, so I have a few favorites, lol. Mostly I wear matte reds. Mac has some good ones. They have a new lipstick called “Powder Kiss” which is pretty good. I got it in “Shocking Revelation” it’s kind of subdued, despite the name, but it wears like a matte and is smooth. I also like Winky Lux because it’s more moisturizing than other mattes. Urban Decay has some good reds and OH yeah! I almost forgot. My new favorite is Lipstick Queen. I LOVE the lip-liners and the lipsticks are the most moisturizing out of my whole collection. I have “Bishop” and “Natural”. I want to get some reds from her too. (Sorry so long, I could talk about make-up all day, lol.)

  3. I haven’t tried the reformulated Maybelline Superstay foundation – I had the old one with the blue cap and really loved it. I hope I’ll like this version as much.
    In 2018 I loved the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer you sent to me! I ordered the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation and ended up loving it as well. Thanks for introducing me to Catrice!

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