Collective spring fashion haul (April 2015)

Collective spring fashion haul (April 2015)

I cleaned out my closet in February and felt that some staple wardrobe pieces were missing. I went on the hunt for white button down shirts, some new jeans, striped shirts and A-line dresses. I came, went and conquered, and picked up some pieces in the past three months. I mostly shopped online and purchased items from places like Urban Outfitters, Asos, H&M, Forever 21 and Topshop. For a full list of items including links to those still available, feel free to scroll down to the section below the video.

This haul can be summed up in 10 words: stripes, black, white, grey, monochrome, navy, jeans, shirts, ankle boots, and a hint of color. In other words, I purchased mostly basic, staple pieces that I can wear hopefully for a long time to come. I did throw in a few pieces that are a bit more interesting and fun. If you think the items are a bit too samey, that’s okay. But this is exactly what my wardrobe needed: a good influx of basic items and patterns and very much in line with my wishlist, which I posted 2 weeks ago.

Items mentioned (in order of appearance):

Urban Outfitters:

  • Cooperative Lace Blouse in White (sold out)
  • Cooperative Curved Collar Shirt in White  (sold out)
  • BDG Chiffon and Stripe Mix Top in Ivory and Navy
  • Cooperative Clean Pleat Blouse in Ivory (sold out)


  • The White Pepper Scallop Collar shirt in Ivory
  • Asos A-line Shift Dress in Stripe
  • Asos Shift Dress in Wide Stripe

Forever 21:

  • Boxy Striped Tee (sold out)
  • Classic Striped Tee (sold out)
  • Gingham Flannel Shirt (sold out)


  • Short cropped blouse in white
  • Navy embroidered fringe kimono (not available online)
  • Lilac cable knit sweater (not available online)
  • Grey V-neck baggy sweater
  • Long sleeve with boat neckline and nautical stripe
  • Thin black and white striped knit sweater


  • Moto Grey Ripped Jamie Jeans
  • Petite Moto Black Leigh Jeans


  • H&M Premium Quality leather ankle boots with curved heel and pointed toe
  • Invito black ankle boots with heel and snake skin detail (sold out)

What items are still missing from your spring wardrobe?

Spring/ summer 2015 Catrice haul

Spring/ summer 2015 Catrice haul

The new Catrice line is here! I was at my drugstore this week and lo and behold I walked into the display filled with brand new products for Spring/ Summer 2015. I simply bought everything that caught my eye and I will be showing you everything I purchased two ways: there’s a video AND there are pictures. No swatches yet, because I naturally want to review most of these products. Leave a comment down below to let me know which products you’d like to see in a review.

The video:

Watch the video if you’d like to hear some initial thoughts on these products. Below you can find some close ups of these products. I have also added prices for your convenience.


Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 86 (S)wimbledon €2.99


Catrice Luminous lipsticks in:
080 Don’t Mind the Pink; 100 Me, My Macaron & I; 130 Brigitte Loves Bordeaux

Catrice Ultimate Color lipsticks in:
390 On The Pink Side of Life & 400 Rose-Mantic Nights

Lipsticks are €3.99 each


Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette in 010 Frankie Rose to Hollywood €4.99

Catrice Satin Stay Cream to Powder eyeshadow & liner in:
020 Beigà-Vu, 030 Welcome to St. Rosez, 050 Love me Lavender

Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 120 Satina van der Woodsen

Eyeshadows are €3.99 a piece


Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base in 010 €3.59
Catrice Instant Eye Brightener €3.99 (not new, but new to me)

Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder Transparent Matt €5.59

What product would you like me to review first?

Collective Christmas shopping haul: decor, fashion & beauty

Collective Christmas shopping haul: decor, fashion & beauty

Would you believe me if I told you I had never had proper Christmas decorations before this year? Well, it’s true. I never used to be home much around Christmas time, spending time with family and friends mostly. And if you’re hardly home, what’s the point of decking out your living space in trees and baubles? This year I decided to finally change that. And while I was shopping for Christmas decorations, I also found a few other festive bits and bops in the fashion and beauty department. In other words, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this huge Christmas inspired shoplog.

Holographic heart bauble (HEMA)
Silver glitter candles (H&M)
Embellished snowflake ornament (H&M)
Silver beaded baubles (H&M)

So this entire post was instigated because I decided I wanted to have proper Christmas decorations this year. I found a ton of these as early as October, so everything you see here was picked up over a period of 2 – 2.5 months. I bought stuff online and also went on a few physical shopping trips. One of those trips was to Amsterdam. I needed a new Lush cleanser and Lush is nowhere to be found where I live. I had to go to Amsterdam anyway because I was going to see Bombay Bicycle club and I found myself inside H&M. That’s where I picked up most bigger baubles you’ll see in this blog post. Except for the one in the left hand top corner in the picture above. That one I found at Hema. I mean, who can resist holographic hearts?

50 cm Christmas tree (HEMA)
Silver star window stickers (Hoogvliet)
Red satin, red glitter and silver glitter ribbon (Flying Tiger)

Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. I found this itty bitty fake Christmas tree and bought two. Last year I did buy some Christmas decoration, but it wasn’t much. One thing I got were window stickers in the shape of snowflakes. My supermarket stocked a different kind this year: glittery stars. So I plan on using these alongside the snowflakes. Flying Tiger also does Christmas decorations and I bought a few things there last year. This year I didn’t find too many interesting things apart from ribbon.

Red sequined baubles (H&M)
Silver metal stars (H&M)
Copper metal stars (H&M)
Rounded pine cone ornaments (H&M)

Many of the baubles I got from H&M have sold out by now. The red sequined ones and the stars are still available online and can be found in their H&M home section. I had to go to a physical store to pick all of these up as I was afraid that some of the things that look nice online may not look so great in real life. Which is why the Amsterdam trip came right on time as that’s one of the few places where they sell H&M home in stores and even there stocks were limited. So I don’t know if you’d still be able to get these anywhere.

Red & bronze colored mini baubles (Wibra)
Mini silver & gold star ornaments (HEMA)
Mini silver & red ornaments (HEMA)
Knitted heart & star ornaments (Flying Tiger & Xenos)

I also picked up some baubles and ornaments for my little Christmas trees. Hema luckily also does ornaments to go into their miniature trees so these weren’t too expensive. They’re plastic too which is handy as glass would be too heavy for the tiny plastic tree. I also found even smaller baubles at budget store Wibra and 2 bigger ornaments from Tiger and Xenos. If you’d like to see how I put it all together to decorate my home, then please leave a comment below. I could do a video to show you what I’ve done, as you’ve probably realized that none of the bigger baubles will fit into the trees.

Warm white led lights with ornaments attached (HEMA)
Snowflake lights (Ikea)
Bell lights & star lights (Kruidvat)
Small star lights (Xenos)

Lights! Of course you need to put some lights around your house for Christmas. I have plenty of candle holders, but actual Christmas lights were pretty much absent from my life. Until now. I bought two packs of the 20 led lights: to go into the Christmas trees. The snowflake lights I just couldn’t pass up when I was at Ikea last week and the smaller lights in the bottom two pictures are sure to come of good use.

Red lace long sleeved dress with circle skirt (H&M)
Dark blue skater dress (Forever 21)

From home decoration to personal decoration, i.e. fashion. While in Amsterdam, I also picked up some clothes from H&M and Forever 21. And you should know by now that I love a good dress. I posted the red lace dress in my wishlist already and now I picked it up. You’ll see that I bought 2 other items from that wishlist. The blue dress I found on a whim at Forever 21 and was surprised at how well it fit me. At only 20 euros, I had to snag it up.

Silver snake print brogues (ASOS)
Cow print plimsoles (ASOS)

Can we pause for a minute? I think you have to. Just scroll back up and have a good look at these pairs of shoes. Yep, I bought cow print and silver snake print shoes. No worries, I also bought a more normal pair of shoes. So I haven’t gone completely off my rocker. I have been wanting a pair of plimsoles for a while, but I hadn’t seen any that I like the style of. Until I spotted these. They are faux fur/ cow skin with a cow print and super soft. I used to have a silver pair of sneakers, but I wanted something a bit classier and more in line with my current style. Then I saw these on ASOS AND they were on sale (both pairs were actually).

Crushed velvet skater skirt (H&M)

Finally, I have myself a velvet skirt. I am slowly building the velvet items in my wardrobe. I now own a dress, a biker jacket, a shirt and a skirt. Now all I need is a pair of pants or a pair of shoes and I could leave the house all decked out in velvet. I used to have a velvet sweatshirt and sweat pants, which I wore to death. It’s one of my favorite winter style fabrics.

Aviator jacket (Forever 21)
Grey sweetheart neckline t-shirt (H&M)

A few months ago I had to throw out my favorite faux leather jacket. I had had it for years but it was pretty much falling apart. So it had to go. I hadn’t found anything to replace it yet and then I saw this at Forever 21. It’s super thin, so something I won’t be able to wear until spring, but I thought that faux shearling collar made this a much more fun take on a biker jacket.

Chain necklace (Forever 21)
Low Chelsea boots (New Look via ASOS)

Lately, I haven’t been wearing many accessories, but with this necklace that will hopefully change. This can give an edgy vibe to any outfit. It had been a while since I found any cool necklaces, everything is either too in your face or just not my cup of tea. The shoes (see, I also buy normal pairs!) I saw in London, but they had sold out in my size. Then I saw ASOS do them and since they have free shipping I knew I had to have these. They are lower than your average Chelsea boot, which is why I like them. They go even better with jeans than a standard pair.

MAC Object of Affection in Pink & rose pigments & glitter
Maybelline Brow Drama in dark blond
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic PommegranateMax Factor Excess Shimmer in Bronze and Copper

On to make up! I already reviewed the MAC pigments & glitter set from this year’s holiday collection (click here), so I am not going to say too much about it. Drugstores are also doing some good discounts on the more expensive items and when I saw Maybelline doing some new products as well as Max Factor and it was buy 1 get 1 free on those brands, I took home a few bits.

HEMA metallic eyemousse in Nude
HEMA smooth smokey eyeliner
(no names, but they’re a charcoal grey, bronzy brown and reddish purple)

Apart from Christmas decoration, HEMA is doing some cool holiday make up this year. I was especially taken with their metallic eyemousse. Which I think used to be around way back in the day. In any case, this reminds me of the little eyeshadow stacks they used to do when I was a teen. Let me know in a comment below if you remember those! With the eyemousse I also found they are now doing some new eyeliners and I was very impressed with the swatches of the testers in store. Of course, reviews of all the products in this post are coming up in due time.

Catrice Liquid Metal eyeliner pencils in Blingo Star & Leaf the World Behind
Essence eyeliner pencils in Steel Smurf, Berry Merry, Naughty or Nice (LE)

Are you noticing a theme here? Yep, I was on a complete eyeliner kick all of a sudden. The liquid metal eyeliners by Catrice are A+amazing. I already have two but wanted to have some more before I write a full review on these. Then I saw that Essence has a few interesting ones as well, so I bought those just to give them a shot.

Catrice Viennart lipsticks in Nude Nouveau & Klimmt’s Ardent Kiss
Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick in All That She WantsNYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer in Central Park Passion
Essence Come to Town Limited Edition The Most Wonderful Tree
Catrice Viennart nail polish in LilART Lily
Lush Bûche de Noël & Hot Toddy

Last but not least, I got some lip products, some limited edition nail polish and some stuff from Lush’ holiday collection. I bought two lipsticks from the Viennart collection by Catrice. They have shimmer, which is new for me as I usually where creams or mattes and steer clear from shimmery lip products at all costs. But these were just so pretty. I already reviewed Lush’ Bûche de Noël (click here) and I can’t wait to start using Hot Toddy.

Have you bought anything to get into the Christmas spirit?

London shoplog: beauty & make up

London shoplog: beauty & make up

In case you didn’t know, last week I spent a few days in London. I took the trip as a well-deserved break from work and so I could gear up for the colder months. I’ve been to London every year since 2009 and so this was my 5th visit in a row. I love the city and did many things. One of those things was shop. In London so many brands are available that are not or very hard to get in Holland, and so I stocked up. Today I’m showing you the beauty and make up products I bought. On Friday I’ll show you fashion and on Sunday I will entail what I did besides shopping. So stay tuned for that!

I know that is a lot of make up & beauty products, but you should know that I had saved up for this trip. On top of that both Superdrug and Boots had 3 for 2 deals on products. At Superdrug on all cosmetics (YAY!) and at Boots the deal was for all Soap & Glory products. I actually ended up spending less than I did last year, so I think I did pretty alright. There are a few products in different categories and I’ll show you close ups below. Let me know which items you would like to see first so I can keep that in mind when planning future blogs.

Ren Rosa Centifolia No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm
Pixi Glow Tonic (exfoliating toner)

First up some skincare products. Ever since I’ve become more adventurous with my skincare I’ve been looking to try new things. I heard of these products from international youtubers and when I bumped into them, I thought I’d buy them. I bought the Ren cleanser from Space NK and the Pixi toner from the beauty concession in Topshop.

Revolution London 32 Ultra Eyeshadow palette in Flawless

Found this brand at Superdrug. They had tons of different eyeshadow palettes for 4, 6, or 8 pounds each. Some of them were even dupes for Naked 1, 2 or 3 palettes. All testers were there and so I swatched a few shadows and pigmentation seems to be bang on. The palettes remind me a lot of Sleek quality and the way some of the palettes were laid out I think that these palettes may very well be produced by the same company or at least the same factory.

Soap & Glory Hand Food
This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball

A few miscellaneous bits. I had to stock up on my favorite hand cream in the world of course. So I made sure to pick up some of the Soap & Glory Hand Food. I had heard of the roller ball from several bloggers. When I found This Works at Harvey Nichols, I decided to check out a few of the products and fell in love with the smell of this. And I’m also very curious to see whether it actually works.

Real Techniques Nic’s picks brush set

When you go beauty shopping in the UK, you have to check out the Real Techniques brushes. I found the limited edition brush set that is out right now and thought it had some interesting looking brushes. I think the Cheek brush may be very nice for contouring as it’s quite flat.

Aussie Dry Shampoo volume
Batiste Nourish & Enrich dry shampoo

I also had to check out some haircare products. I picked up the Aussie dry shampoo because I have yet to find this in The Netherlands. Since Batiste is a UK brand (as far as I know) they sell about 20 different varieties of the product. My hair is quite dry naturally and so when I use dry shampoo it always gets worse. I am hoping this will make it look shiny rather than poodle.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye shadow palette in Dolce Vita
Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencil in Dark Pearl (day for brown eyes)

One brand I really wanted to check out was Charlotte Tilbury. This brand is only sold at Selfridge’s and I had heard so many good things about it that I just wanted to try some products. I like the philosophy behind the brand: things should be easy to use, yet create great effect. I initially thought I wanted to buy the Vintage Vamp palette, but found it too purple overall, so I went with Dolce Vita as these are shades that I would actually wear. The eyeshadow pencil color was recommended to me by the MUA, but out of all the ones he showed me, I liked this color best. It’s a mauvy-taupy-brown with a hint of rose gold pearl. It’s stunning and should be very long-wearing.

Korres Fig Shower Gel & Body Milk
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Butter Cream

I have seen and heard of Korres for a while now, but never bought anything yet. I never found a smell that enticed me, but when I found their fig line I was sold. This smells amazing and the promise of no parabens and other crappy ingredients sounds like it’s worth a try. I bought a body butter and lotion from Soap & Glory last year, and loved them so much that I opted for a full size product this time. This smells heavenly of pistachio, almond an a hint of vanilla. Great winter scent.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat

Another wishlist item: the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. I also wanted to check out the Ambient Lighting Powders but none really tickled my fancy. And at almost 40 pounds a pop, a bit steeply priced for my tastes. The blush was a bit cheaper at 28 pounds and I fell in love with this color at first swatch. It’s a reddish pinky tone which will make for a nice healthy flushed look.

Orly Bonder base coat

I was in the market for a new base coat as my L’oreal one is running out. Many people rave about the Orly Bonder base coat so when I found it at the last minute at the airport, I didn’t hesitate and picked it up.

Topshop lipsticks in Armour & Beguiled
L’Oreal Color Riche Pure Red Collection Julliane’s Red
Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain in Miami Fever
Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet in Meteoric Matte

I also picked up some drugstore lipsticks. First of all, two Topshop ones. For real, I cannot understand why no more people are raving about Topshop lipsticks. They’re amazing and I picked up two in colors I didn’t have yet. The L’Oreal lipstick cost about half of what it costs in The Netherlands so that was a great deal. The Revlon and Rimmel lipsticks I had heard of and were on my ‘to check out’ list. I found the overall color selection of the Revlon Moisture Stains a bit drab, but this bright orange stood out at first swatch. The Matte Apocalips is a lovely berry color and I’m curious to see if I like this as much as the original.

Barry M Nail Paint in Moonlight (Christmas LE)
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Sugar Apple
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Rose Hip
Barry M Matte Nail Paint Vanilla
Butter London Bit Faker
Models Own Marquise Maroon
Models Own Beach Bag
Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice

Of course I had to pick up some nail polish in London. And with a 3 for 2 deal it was very tempting, but I kept it quite neat if I may say so. Barry M has two limited edition Christmas polishes out and I picked up one of them. I also took home some new Gelly Hi-Shine polishes because those are simply my favorites. I have been wanted to try Butter London polishes for ages, but never found a color that really struck me, until I found this stunning glitter. I have tried Models Own glitters, but none of their more opaque polishes, so I had to pick those up.

Soap & Glory Archery brow pencil in Blonde Shell
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 01 Fair and 02 Cool Medium

Finally I picked up this brow pencil because Viviannadoesmakeup on Youtube keeps raving about it. And last but not least, I picked up two of my favorite concealers. Two, because I wanted to have it in both a winter and a summer color.

What UK beauty item is on your wishlist?

InterRail shoplog: cosmetics & fashion

InterRail shoplog: cosmetics & fashion

I allowed myself to do a bit of shopping in each city I was in. I mostly shopped beauty bits as they are small and not heavy, so they’re easy to pack and not too heavy. I didn’t really shop for clothes until the end of my trip. Shopping for cosmetics in different countries was great. Each place has their own brands and specialties. I shopped Bioderma at French Pharmacies, found The Balm in a random high end drugstore in Barcelona, found great budget steals in Germany and Czech Republic and found some great clothes in Denmark. Oh and let’s not forget Sephora, with stores in three of the countries I went to, it was hard not to go completely crazy.

Kiko Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 101

Italy means Kiko! I also found Kiko stores in Spain, but the prices and offerings were the same.

Bioderma Hydrabio Micelle Solution & Nuxe Rève de Miel

France means skincare! I found this blue Bioderma in a pharmacy where a busload of Asian tourists was buying up all the favorites: Embryolise, Bioderma, the lot. The Rève de Miel came broken when I opened the box. 😦

MAC Fluidline Copperthorn (Moody Blooms LE)
S-HE Quick Eye Liner in Blue
Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock 36 H Gel Liner
(seems to be a dupe for the Benefit They’re Real eyeliner)
Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-on Eyeshadow in ME-50
& Other Stories Dip Liner in Percaline Khaki

I went a bit eyeliner crazy…
S-HE is a drugstore brand I found in Prague.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter
Kiko Rock Attraction blush in Pop Apricot
Dermacol Duo Blusher no. 2

Dermacol is a Czech drugstore make up brand! But otherwise I didn’t go too crazy on the blush/ bronzer/ highlight front.

NARS eyeshadow duo in Cordura and Isolde

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con The Starlet No. 7 eyeshadow palette

The Balm – Balm Voyage eye and cheek/ lip palette

The Balm Nude Tude eyeshadow paletted

I did go a bit eyeshadow crazy.
I had been wanting to buy a Tom Ford palette, but once I swatched those shadows I wasn’t impressed.
I found a Sephora across from Galleries LaFayette and found the NARS duos (equaling the amount of a Tom Ford palette) and the Marc Jacobs palette.
The Nude Tude palette was in no way on my wishlist, but I found this at & Other Stories in Copenhagen.
It was left over stock and all The Balm products on the table were only 15 KR. That’s 2 euros…

& Other Stories lipgloss in Drap de Berry Pink & Too Faced Melted lipstick in Peony Pink
Catrice: new items from the fall collection – velvet matte eyeshadows and lash boost
Catrice new collection nail polish – P2 Last Forever in City Love – Formula X nail polish in Radio Active

Lastly, some random make up pieces. I didn’t buy many lip products because I was afraid they would melt. DM in Germany had a display with products from the new fall line of Catrice including nail polish and eyeshadow. And at Sephora I found this poisonous green nail varnish by Formula X.

Polka Dot dress (ZARA)

I bought and wore this dress pretty much straight away. I took three dresses, but ended up throwing one away on my trip. Barcelona was hot and stuffy so an extra dress was necessary. I bought this one and the yellow stripey one because I couldn’t choose.

Yellow stripe dress (ZARA)
Grey & black stripe cotton knit sweater (Cheap Monday via Weekday MTWTFSS)

A sweater? Yes, a sweater. I bought and wore this on my last stop: Copenhagen. It was cold with the rain and my thin hoodie wasn’t warm enough. It was on sale for a little over 10 euros as well, which I deemed a good deal.

Grey acid wash jeans (Cheap Monday via Weekday MTWTFSS)
Grey long knit sweater (Monki)

These jeans were also on sale for just over 10 euros and I wore them straight away with the sweater above. Monki also had a great sale going on and I couldn’t pass up on these two sweaters (see also below).

Grey embroidered sweater (Monki)
Loose fitting trousers with tropical print (ZARA)

The pants I bought out of necessity. It was hot and my legs were sticking together otherwise. Plus, in Italy you cannot enter churches unless you’re covered up. Win-win!

As you can see plenty of new things to play with.
What items would you like me to review first?

Shoplog: Asos, Sting, H&M, Mango, F21 & Hema

Shoplog: Asos, Sting, H&M, Mango, F21 & Hema

I’m still working on completing my summer wardrobe and so I did a bit of shopping (once again). On top of that I also found some great basics and other fun items to add and so this is a bit of a collective haul. I placed an order with the usual suspect H&M, but this time I also went to some other places that I don’t shop at as regularly. On top of that I also planned a trip to the newly opened Forever 21 in Amsterdam and picked up a few things there. These items were not bought in one go but more or less in the course of the past month/ 6 weeks or so. I hope you enjoy this summer fashion shoplog and make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see my ‘piece the resistance’ of this shopping round.

Striped print design pink blazer (Hema)

I hardly ever shop for clothes at Hema. But when I was running some regular errands I spotted a whole selection of blazers from the corner of my eye. It was basically the same style with different prints. I was torn between this one and a white & blue floral design. Since I have a dress with a white & blue floral print that was very similar to the blazer, I decided to go for this bold striped pattern. It is unlike anything other blazer I have and the fit of this was super nice. Oh and did I mention it was only 20 euros too?

Baby blue scallop edge skater dress with lace front and back (Asos)
White lace summer dress with spaghetti straps (H&M)

Dresses! Of course they have to be in one of my shoplogs because I wear dresses so much and so often and they are just the easiest way of putting outfits together. One dress = one outfit, especially in summer and especially when they are pretty or fun like these too. I fell in love with the baby blue Asos one the minute I spotted it. Luckily it fits my shape perfectly which also goes for the white dress, which is something I hadn’t initially expected.

Palm tree/ tropical print cropped t-shirt (Miss America via Sting)
Baby pink California Venice Beach cropped t-shirt with burn out design and flamingos (Mango)

Before the start of spring I threw out a bunch of printed tees as I wasn’t wearing them anymore, but since I have been getting more into highwaisted jeans lately (courtesy of my Topshop Jamie & Joni jeans) I wanted to add some fun cropped printed tees for summer. These two not only looked great on they are also fun and super on trend with their tropical and summery prints of palm trees and flamingos.

Black skater dress with mesh/ sheer top and sweetheart neckline (H&M)
Denim blue boyfriend jeans with minor destressed look (L.O.G.G. via H&M)

On to two not so summeresque type of items, but two items that were still missing from my wardrobe. A basic black dress with a bit of oomph and a darker wash boyfriend jeans. I own plenty of dresses, but my plain black dress section was a little underrepresented. These sheer highnecked dresses have been around all year, but always in a bodycon fit which is not always so flattering for my shape. This skater dress variety does, so when I saw this dress for only 10 euros at H&M I knew it would be great to add to my ever growing dress collection (blog post anyone?!).

Grey pilled basic t-shirt (H&M)
Basic grey tank top (Forever 21)

Basics, nothing too exciting but I love a good basic tee any time. In fact, over the past year or so I’m more into plain tees (and especially grey ones) over printed ones. So I stocked up on a tank and a basic round neck, both with loose fits.

Dark grey skater dress with open back detail (H&M)

Another plain looking dress but this one is of the plain in the front, party in the back variety. The back of this dress is super low cut and I love that sort of thing. I will pair this with a bright colored bandeau to cover up my bra and you have one cute but sexy summer dress. Again this was only 10 euros!

Peach sheer top with floral embroidery design (Forever 21)
Cropped black & white polka dot button down blouse with knot detail (Forever 21)

Most of the items I got from Forever 21 were basics, but I did take home two more fun items. These two tops fit nice and will go with so many different things. And I finally, finally found a black & white polka dot blouse for that extra retro vibe with my highwaisted skirts and pants.

Basic black & grey v-neck t-shirt (Forever 21)

V-necks are all the rage this season and I didn’t own a single one. Well, yeah but in neon pink, not a basic color. I’m still looking for a white one as they had sold out of those. Oh and these shirt are a steal: only 3.50 euros a pop.

Cropped palm tree print t-shirt (Mango)
Cropped grey t-shirt (Forever 21)

Again two fairly basic items. The palm tree print shirt is a bit more simple than the ones above, but I still like the colors and the contrast against the white. And I have black and white cropped tops, but no grey ones and since grey is my staple basic color…

Neon yellow espadrilles (H&M)
Red ‘coral’ necklace (gift from friend)

On to the most fun items of this haul. Neon yellow shoes! YAY!!! The best way to wear neon I find is in accessories. Especially neon yellow, as it makes me look very washed out. It adds a fun pop of color in any plain outfit and the espadrille look makes for an instant summer feel. The necklace I didn’t purchase but was part of a swap I did with some friends, but I thought it was too pretty not to share.

Red pointed high heels in faux suede (Asos)

Last but not least, my favorite items from this entire post: a pair of bright red heels. I used to have red heels, but I had to throw them out as my feet shrank half a size about 1.5 years ago and so they didn’t fit me anymore. These fit like a glove, are super high (11 cm without a platform!) and are in my favorite color. What really sold me on them is the heel: I love how it is not set at the back of the shoe but right under your heel and is curved inwards ever so slightly. So despite the fact that these shoes have a pointed toe your feet still won’t look massive.

What are you doing to summerproof your wardrobe?

Fashion shoplog: Primark, UO, F21, H&M, Topshop & more

Fashion shoplog: Primark, UO, F21, H&M, Topshop & more

It’s spring! And with the changing seasons I like to update my wardrobe to adapt to the season. So that’s what this is: a spring/ summer wardrobe update. Plus there were a few things I really needed. Such as comfy jeans to replace my old ones that I had had for 5 years, and t-shirts after I went through my old stack and threw out half because most were white t-shirts and we all know what happens to white t-shirts after a sweaty hot summer… Add in a shopping trip to Primark with my mom a while ago and a belated visit to the new Urban Outfitters store in Amsterdam, and you have a haul sized amount of new fashion bits and bobs. Here’s what I got, from top to bottom!

White tee with palm tree print (H&M)

Baggy plain white knit t-shirt (H&M)

Same shirt different color: baggy sheer stripy top in black/white and white/ see through (H&M)

Same shirt, different style: striped black/ white & black grey baggy cropped t-shirt (H&M)

As I said in my intro I threw out a bunch of tops. Most of my white tees were too old and then I also went through my entire stack and found even more shirts that just weren’t my style anymore or had faded or worse, holes in them. I also wanted to get some more stripy tops. Stripes are super on trend this season and always a good basic to have. So very basic, but very necessary buys. These were all around 10 euros each.

Light pink heart printed short button down shirts (H&M)

This blouse was a bit of a feat to find. As far as I know, this is an H&M store only item, which means you cannot get it online, which is where I usually shop. I initially order H&M stuff online as the stores can be busy and messy. So when I popped into H&M after a physiotherapist appointment and spotted this shirt I thought I’d be able to find it online. No way! Then I went shopping with my mom, after having given up all hope of finding it again, and found it at an H&M on the other side of the country.

Window pane black & white checked shirt with black collar and short sleeves (Primark)

Floral print short sleeved blouse with daisies (Mink Pink via Urban Outfitters)

Apart from basics I usually get at Primark (PJs, tights and the like) I only got one clothing item and that’s this checked shirt. It’s clean and monochrome and I am loving this print at the moment. The Mink Pink shirt was a bit of a splurge. I popped into Urban Outfitters when I was in Amsterdam for a bit a few weeks ago and fell in love. The price tag originally said 59 euros, but upon checking out it was ‘only’ 45. That is still expensive for a shirt, but I loved it so much because the fit is spot on that I couldn’t leave it there.

Sleeveless button down shirts in black & white polka dot and sheer red (H&M)

I love sleeveless blouses for pairing with sweaters and cardigans in spring and fall, but also on their own when the temperature rises. I didn’t have that many and I wanted a fun printed one and a pop of collar.

Black & white textured thin cardigan (H&M)

Black & red textured thin cardigan with pockets (Staring at Stars via Urban Outfitters)

I think I buy one or two cardigans every spring and fall. I have quite the collection by now and I love these thinner ones that are easy to just throw on when things cool down at night. I wore the red & black one non stop this past week and I love it. It’s so comfortable.

Floral print dress in red, pink, peach and yellow with cut out back (Forever 21)

Tropical print black dress with buttoned back with pineapples, purple flowers and palm trees (Forever 21)

Red daisy print dress with v-neck and keyhole back (Forever 21)

Black and white striped skater dress (H&M)

Dresses! A dress junkie like myself would of course stock up on some dresses for the warmer weather. Again stripes, because I don’t have a basic striped dress like this anymore. I used to have one (also from H&M) but it had a horrible chilli stain that I couldn’t get out. Other than that I’m obsessed with floral print dresses. Daisies are my print of choice, followed by tropical and small flowers in bright or pastel colors. The only thing still on my wishlist? An all palm tree print dress.

Black & white window pane trousers (H&M)

Highwaisted denim shorts (H&M)

Pink Joni jeans & grey Jaimie jeans (Topshop)

And I also got some bottoms. I bought the floral version of the H&M trousers last year and love it and so I thought getting it in this fun monochrome print would be a good addition. You can easily dress it up or dress it down which makes it appropriate for almost every occasion. Highwaisted shorts are a must have for me and I didn’t have a super basic pair like these yet. I already posted the Topshop jeans in my favorites on Monday. I got them when Topshop was doing free shipping for London fashion week. I also got the pink type in a deep indigo blue and the grey one in black. These are simply the BEST. JEANS. EVER. I bought a pair of Joni and Jaimie jeans in London in October and I have been obsessed ever since. So when I saw Topshop doing free shipping I decided to stock up and replace my old jeans that I wasn’t wearing because they weren’t as comfy as these ones are.

Leopard print canvas shoe (H&M)

Peep toe tan flats (Primark)

Nike Roshe Run in mint blue & orange (Sneakers)

Bronx burgundy leather oxfords (Peppermint)

Last but not least, SHOES! My other love. Flats and canvas shoes are all I wear during spring/ summer (if it’s not raining anyway). Since last year I’ve made it my duty to make sure I have more sturdy shoes that won’t wreck my feet. The Nike Roshe Run had caught my eye for a while now, but I wasn’t sure. I decided to simply go for it as they are by far the comfiest pair of shoes I own. The burgundy brogues were a bit of an impulse buy, but I love them. They are real leather and as sturdy as Dr. Marten’s but in a fun brogue way. I love brogues and wear my Primark/ Ebay ones all the time. It was time I got a pair of leather ones!

That’s it! Shoplog done. What did you buy to update your wardrobe for spring?